Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking

Recent comments by Chinese premier and media darling Wen Jiabao have made waves in the China observing community. On a recent trip to Shenzhen, the city where Deng Xiaoping announced his great economic reforms, Wen said: “We need not only to promote economic reform, but must also promote political system reforms. Without the guarantee provided…… Continue reading Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking

Violence and Islam in Europe

Europe is experiencing an increasingly costly and destructive problem with its non-Western immigrant populations – particularly those from Muslim countries. A new study shows that on a net migration of 25,000 non-Western immigrants per year, with an equal number of offspring, Holland alone incurs a net cost of €7.2 billion [$8.8 billion] a year. In Denmark,…… Continue reading Violence and Islam in Europe

Old man falls down. Who can you trust?

In China decades of concerted efforts to destroy social morals and interpersonal trust have left a country where paranoia runs rampant. With justice being a question of who can wield more power, the first thought running through the head of someone helping another person on the street is: “I hope I don’t get framed for this”.