Turkey. EU hopeful Erdogan challenged on his ties to Iran

In a bid to edge closer to EU membership Turkish leaders like to portray their country as the gateway between the West and the Middle East. The argument is that Turkey sits on a geostrategically important position that EU and the West needs in order manage its relations with the Middle East. Underlying the argument is that Turkey is only willing/able to perform the role  as broker if they are admitted into EU.

Turkey Has No Place in EU

As part of his campaign leading up to the EU Parliament elections June 7th the former vice prime minister and frontrunner for the conservatives Bendt Bendtsen (cons.) told media that he did not think that Turkey should ever achieve full membership of EU. Instead he would offer Turkey a privileged partnership. He is cited in the media mostly as referring to the German CDU for justification. Himself neither very brave nor a great thinker it may actually be true that he has to hide behind the Germans instead of just sticking to his guns.

Showtime for Turkey

In relation to my previous post I want to point out an important issue playing out in the shadow of that conflict.
Turkey is trying to gain membership to the EU using among other arguments the claim that, as a member, Turkey would be in a better position to act as a mediator between the West and the Islamic countries.
I am personally strongly against Turkey’s membership but if there is ONE place where Turkey actually could prove that there is a shadow of truth in their claim then this mess with the Durban II conference is it. Because:

A quick run-through

I haven’t written anything here for a very long time now. My situation has changed and I no longer have the time or energy to look through all those news sources.

I used to read a dozen blogs and newspapers every day. Partly because of this blog I then happened to get a job where I sit all day (or night) and write news summaries. Unfortunately it’s only local or national news. That means I spend seven hours of sifting through stories that are of no particular interest to me and when I get back home I’m just too tired to go through all the Asian stuff.