Sarah Palin – America’s own Jean-Marie Le Pen?

Unlike Europe and Le Pen, there is no outrage about the things Palin says even though they are eerily similar. I simply cannot put my finger on it but if I had to draw an analogy I would say Mr. Le Pen is a huge pile of manure sitting in the street for everyone to see. Palin would be more like a small turd enclosed in a pretty box wrapped with a bow.

A Letter to my Foreign Friends (Living in Distant Lands) Warning: Politics involved!

it’s not actually that everyone is really upset but the media would make you think so. Here we have something called Fox news which is a bunch of prom queens and ex-quarterbacks that like to yell and scream and generally be pissed off because Obama won the election.

Observations of the Week

First, let me say that you must take the last entry about the French with a grain of salt. I like France and French people. Parisians still annoy me though. In fact, I’m reading a French book called “les États- Unis aujourd’hui; les maîtres du monde?” (The United States Today; The masters of the world?) […]