Palestinian Kid’s War Art Cancelled

This morning I came across an article in the SF Chronicle that I simply had to share with you all.  Perfect for a GC post and a GC opinion!  Oakland museum cancels Palestinian kids’ war art – SF ChronicleIsraelis’ vs Palestinians!  What a great way to have readers immediately take a side before they have…… Continue reading Palestinian Kid’s War Art Cancelled

Sarah Palin – America’s own Jean-Marie Le Pen?

Unlike Europe and Le Pen, there is no outrage about the things Palin says even though they are eerily similar. I simply cannot put my finger on it but if I had to draw an analogy I would say Mr. Le Pen is a huge pile of manure sitting in the street for everyone to see. Palin would be more like a small turd enclosed in a pretty box wrapped with a bow.

Observations of the Week

First, let me say that you must take the last entry about the French with a grain of salt. I like France and French people. Parisians still annoy me though. In fact, I’m reading a French book called “les États- Unis aujourd’hui; les maîtres du monde?” (The United States Today; The masters of the world?)…… Continue reading Observations of the Week

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