Credit Cards – Some Advice for my loyal readers

Hi everyone.  Just read a nice piece in the NYT about which credit card to choose especially for travelers. As I have a lot of experience both traveling and in the airline industry, I thought I would give some free advice to my loyal readers out there.  Unfortunately this advice is only for card holders…… Continue reading Credit Cards – Some Advice for my loyal readers

Global Citizens – Understanding Ourselves

I just read a very good article in the NYT by one of my favorite contributors David Brooks. The article is here:  The New Humanism In short, his article speaks about our emphasis on measurements, metrics and reasoning while ignoring our emotions, human bonds and the like.  If you haven’t clicked the article, here is…… Continue reading Global Citizens – Understanding Ourselves

Leaders, Faith, Affairs and Excitement!

Kind of a weird title here but I really have the urge to weave all of these together after reading an article in the New York Times today. The article concerns Newt Gingrich and how he is using faith and God to reconnect with the Republican base in order to burnish his image after three…… Continue reading Leaders, Faith, Affairs and Excitement!

The difference between the left wing nut job movement and the right wing nut job movement in the USA

Upon reading the above editorial and seeing the comments
“When is America gonna wake up and stop believing the people that are trying to control us with lies and misdirection!”
“It will never happen. The right wing nut jobs will always believe their own over the truth.”
I started to contrast the power of the conservative movement in the states against the seemingly ineffective efforts of the liberal initiatives.