History is Alive

In my short 35 year life I have had the great fortune to travel a good portion of the world and experience a great many things. Most of these travels occurred during my twenties but it was not the travels alone that contributed to these fantastic experiences. It was the study of language that gave…… Continue reading History is Alive

The means to attain a happy life

I ran across this epigram the other day.  I found a lot of wisdom in these words.  MARTIAL, the things that do attainThe happy life be these, I find:—The richesse left, not got with pain;The fruitful ground, the quiet mind;The equal friend; no grudge, no strife;No charge of rule, nor governance;Without disease, the healthful life;The…… Continue reading The means to attain a happy life

America and Religion

With the lessons above about the origins above, the fact is, they really do not matter. Sure they are good things to know, but they have absolutely no influence on the core teaching which is simply to love. I used the examples above to prove to people how little they know about religion and to provoke a bit of shame. How dare they use religion, which they know very little about, to provoke hate, which is the exact opposite of the main point religion is trying to convey!!!! How stupid, how silly and how shameful!