Too many hungry people in the world

For the past decade, most talks on Asia Pacific focused on its dramatic economic rise, on China and India’s new status as global super powers, on Vietnam and Cambodia’s staggering growth, and on how the region is fast becoming a magnet for serious foreign investment. Pictures and articles of the region focuses on Shanghai’s skyscrapers, […]

In San Francisco

It’s been a week here in San Francisco and I’ve been all over this town. One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t even move without money pouring out of your pockets. EVERYTHING is expensive. Even walking down the street there are a lot of homeless asking for change. It’s hard to drop coins after […]

Street Vendors

Being a student of languages, I found it very interesting during my recent travels to compare the English abilities of street vendors in both Cambodia and Vietnam. These are the people who continually summon you to check out their goods and really pressure you into buying something. At times it can be very annoying, but […]


These last couple of weeks have been insaine. I’ve been all over S.E. Asia and thought it was time for a blog entry but unfortunately had a big night out last night and can barely think straight today. But I’m tired of watching movies yet too lazy to get out of the house. I don’t […]

Cambodia Trip

——-Pictures in the “Photo Gallery” ———– Just got back from a three day trip to Cambodia. Ended up going with my Vietnamese friend Phuong, buddy Axel and friend of a friend Michael from Denmark. It was nothing like I expected and reminds me a lot of Vietnam except a little bit more “earthy.” My first […]