America is more of a business than a country

America is much more of a business than it is a country.

This statement came from a friend over a glass of wine and a discussion on politics.  He certainly isn’t what I’d call a liberal but being from Southern California doesn’t blindly side with Conservatives.  He also has a PhD in chemistry so is obviously pretty smart.

Feeling Down on America

The urge to write struck me this evening.  I’m down on America and unlike half of the population it isn’t just due to Donald Trump.  Instead it is a number of things I’ve experienced and read since I came back into the country only six short days ago.

The thought started right when I got off the plane from Japan and the first person to greet us travelers was an immigration guy barking at us to get into the proper lines.  Now given the current climate you might expect that many Trump supporters would bark at foreigners but this particular guy was a Chinese American and barked at us with an accent.  I literally said out loud “Welcome to America” as I passed him.

Leaving the Democratic Party

On January 4th I made the decision to officially leave the Democratic Party.  Although individual votes no longer count for much due to gerrymandering, the Electoral College, political tribal mentality – thus blue states and red states – and regardless of what a few diehard patriots may say, this was a rather important decision for me.

Trump, failings of the left and the news

Half of the United States remains in shock from the election of Donald Trump.  Their only hope to awake from the nightmare was dashed yesterday with his confirmation by the electoral college.  That is all she wrote liberals, welcome to the next four years.

The liberals wonder how half of their countrymen could be so stupid?  In an effort to understand they might turn on Fox News, or for the younger generation that get their news from social media, click on The Blaze and share a video from Tomi Lahren.  For those who have been fortunate enough to never see either Fox or Tomi let me sum them up for you.  You have beautiful women who are perpetually angry bitching about the liberals.  You also have a few men as supplements to the attractive women who are also very angry and complain about liberals.  It is all prom queens and quarterbacks.