Pete Hoekstra

Just saw the uproar created by Pete Hoekstra over his commercial featuring an Asian woman with broken English.

Take a look and then see my comments.

The first thing I would like to point out is that this woman is a fake!

Being a language student, an English teacher AND having lived for 5 years in Asia I recognize the following.  Her English accent is too good to make simple grammatical mistakes as she has.   She forgets to put the plural “s” on the word “get,” yet she remembers to put it on the word “jobs.”  She is obviously not from China.

I have a problem with nationalism

A note of caution – this is a very personal (and slightly incoherent) rant.

It was caused by a casual dinner I had last night with an acquaintance. There I was, absolutely knackered after a week of crazy work, and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about Burma, because well, almost everybody I meet wants to talk about Burma with me.

At the best of times, the discussions end in us agreeing to disagree on certain things (because everyone thinks they know what the hell is going on) and the worst? Well, friendships and meals ruined.

Global Allegiance

Recently I applied for a position as project and operations manger for an electric car startup company manufacturing in S.E. Asia. Since a friend knew of my interest he forwarded an article about industrial espionage, indicating that top management of Renault were selling the program details for their electric car to the Chinese

Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking

Recent comments by Chinese premier and media darling Wen Jiabao have made waves in the China observing community. On a recent trip to Shenzhen, the city where Deng Xiaoping announced his great economic reforms, Wen said: “We need not only to promote economic reform, but must also promote political system reforms. Without the guarantee provided by political system reforms, the results of economic reform will be lost, and the goal of modernization cannot be achieved.