Nuclear North Korea. Positioning by China, Japan, Korea

In connection with North Korea’s testing of a nuclear bomb, three things I want to notice: 1) China’s reaction when the UN Security Council meets. Until now China’s attitude towards any proactive steps on UN’s behalf has been one of stalling or preventing. China has actively opposed any and all sanctions or even harsh language…… Continue reading Nuclear North Korea. Positioning by China, Japan, Korea

Japan’s political opposition

Koizumi’s tenure is about to end and its time to evaluate. Japan Times’ interview with political commentator Minoru Morita attempts to cast a critical light on the period. Japan’s economy is finally looking up; Japanese banks’ unprofitable loans have shrunk. If that is all to Koizumi’s honour I don’t know but he did manage to…… Continue reading Japan’s political opposition

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Global Islam

The terrorists who planted the two bombs on trains in Germany last month have spoken out on what spurred them into action : the drawings of the prophet Mohammed in Jyllandsposten and the death of Zarqawi, evil mastermind extraordinaire. Two incidents with which Germany has no connections what so ever. Are these two terrorists just…… Continue reading Global Islam

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