Violence and Islam in Europe

Europe is experiencing an increasingly costly and destructive problem with its non-Western immigrant populations – particularly those from Muslim countries. A new study shows that on a net migration of 25,000 non-Western immigrants per year, with an equal number of offspring, Holland alone incurs a net cost of €7.2 billion [$8.8 billion] a year. In Denmark,…… Continue reading Violence and Islam in Europe

My love-hate relationship with Japan

Despite my better judgment I am seriously considering moving back to Japan – at least for a period of some years – to work and spend time with my family in law. My challenge is that I am basically at odds with the traditional view of what constitutes a good honorable person in Japan and…… Continue reading My love-hate relationship with Japan

’Support the troops’ – the transformation of a nation and its armed forces

I grew up wondering what it meant when, on American TV shows, the statement ‘Support The Troops’ always seemed to trump all other arguments. Saying it was usually followed by a moment of stunned silence while the person who had said it gloated and the opponent gathered himself from the shock of being accused of not ‘supporting the troops’.

Why is the West financing the Human Rights Council?

Western nations are at the moment financing the UN just to be dragged round the arena by dictatorships that could not care less about the purpose of UN. You have to ask yourself why we have to take part in and finance the UN Human Rights’ Council when we are just going to hand it over to some of the worst states on the planet without a word anyway.