Violence and Islam in Europe

Europe is experiencing an increasingly costly and destructive problem with its non-Western immigrant populations – particularly those from Muslim countries.

A new study shows that on a net migration of 25,000 non-Western immigrants per year, with an equal number of offspring, Holland alone incurs a net cost of €7.2 billion [$8.8 billion] a year.

In Denmark, looking at tax-payments vs. welfare benefits only, an average immigrant from a 3rd world country (not only Muslim countries) results in a net balance of minus USD 5.200 each year. Muslims in particular add a host of other expenses incurred e.g. from increased crime rates and from having to deal with illnesses that are the results of marriages between first cousins – a common practice in the Middle East that they have brought with them.

My love-hate relationship with Japan

Despite my better judgment I am seriously considering moving back to Japan – at least for a period of some years – to work and spend time with my family in law. My challenge is that I am basically at odds with the traditional view of what constitutes a good honorable person in Japan and by moving back there I therefore run the risk of being seen as utterly corrupt – again. Being a gaijin you are afforded some extra leeway but only so much. This applies both to work-life and to private life.

’Support the troops’ – the transformation of a nation and its armed forces

I grew up wondering what it meant when, on American TV shows, the statement ‘Support The Troops’ always seemed to trump all other arguments. Saying it was usually followed by a moment of stunned silence while the person who had said it gloated and the opponent gathered himself from the shock of being accused of not ‘supporting the troops’.

Danish mentality vis-à-vis the army was more like “well, if we don’t have an army we will be kicked out of NATO and then no one can come and save us when the Russians invade.” Couple that attitude with strong appeasement efforts by a prominent left-wing that also, during the height of the Cold War in 1982-88, managed to force the Conservative government to opt out of every single NATO decision – the so-called Footnote Policies.

Why is the West financing the Human Rights Council?

Below is my translation of a column that featured in Danish daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende on May 14th 2010. The column is written by Jacob Mchangama who is chief legal officer in the liberalistic think-tank CEPOS based here in Copenhagen. Jacob Mchangama is a certified lawyer and, furthermore, has a Master’s degree in human rights’ studies.

Multiculturalist mechanics

Robert Spencer speaks about the power to define terms such as Islamism or Jihad. And what the consequences are to free societies when they lose that power. Check it out by clicking the link.

Below Pat Condell covers a lot of ground in explaining how it is possible to oppose an ideology and yet not be a racist at the same time. Who would have thunk it?
Salman Rushdie basically speaks about the same as Pat Condell above but does it in a lower tone of voice. Same amount of sarcasm, however. Fast forward to 2:50 into the file to get to the important parts about multiculturalism:
You can find the entire interview with Salman Rushdie and Irshad Manji here. Exciting and important stuff.
This past Thursday at least 12.000 Danes went on the streets of Copenhagen to protest the denial of asylum to some 200 asylum seekers who were unable to explain why they should have asylum here, other than living in their own country of Iraq was not as pleasant as living in Denmark.
Of course that is just my version of the story. One of the organizers (whose name I forget) of the Copenhagen protests said to TV2 NEWS that “they don’t stand a chance” (if they are sent).
Well, currently almost 30 million other Iraqis are living just fine in Iraq. Furthermore, each week hundreds of Iraqis living in Denmark go back there on vacation. Once they secure legal stay here, going back isn’t all of a sudden so dangerous after all.
If some parts of Iraq are safe and some are unsafe, what is then wrong with going back to live in the safe parts? These people are obviously willing to live far from “home”. Why is a different province of their home country so utterly wrong when a different part of the world, such as Denmark, is so right? I don’t think anyone is telling them to go live on top of a bomb factory. Not to their faces anyway.
The Iraqis in question had occupied a Danish church, Brorsons Kirke, for several months, possibly thinking that normal laws don’t apply there. For the record: they do. When the police came and talked them into leaving the church a couple of hundred activists showed up and tried to block the police cars from leaving – mostly by sitting down in front of it but the bus did also leave with a broken front window. When the police used force to remove them they appeared to be shocked and appalled and now complaints over the police are flying like cobble stones in the air.
The same day police was chased out of the notorius Muslim ghetto of Vollsmose by automatic weapons’ fire.
Yes, let’s add another 200 immigrants to these ghettos… That’ll help 😛