An International Discussion in Virtual Reality

Living and studying overseas is life changing. The problem is that the experience cannot be understood by description but must be experienced. We are all born into an environment that is basically a bubble. We have our community, our school, and most often the same politics and religion of our neighbors. Humans are still very…… Continue reading An International Discussion in Virtual Reality

Corporate Passion!

Corporate Passion! Traveling to a foreign country for the first time is an experience that usually leaves very deep impressions on people. The culture and customs seem very exotic as one comes to the realization that not everyone lives as they do. One can have these same experiences upon returning to their home country if…… Continue reading Corporate Passion!

Pete Hoekstra

Just saw the uproar created by Pete Hoekstra over his commercial featuring an Asian woman with broken English. Take a look and then see my comments. The first thing I would like to point out is that this woman is a fake! Being a language student, an English teacher AND having lived for 5…… Continue reading Pete Hoekstra

Leaders, Faith, Affairs and Excitement!

Kind of a weird title here but I really have the urge to weave all of these together after reading an article in the New York Times today. The article concerns Newt Gingrich and how he is using faith and God to reconnect with the Republican base in order to burnish his image after three…… Continue reading Leaders, Faith, Affairs and Excitement!

MBA Students – A Scourge

As is the purpose of this blog, we try to help readers see a completely different point of view. In this post, I will continue this tradition and propose that the current problems of the USA are due to a vile group that hitherto has escaped all blame and remains in the shadows. It functions almost as a secret society yet is completely out in the open. They influence many aspects of our daily lives yet we scarcely notice.