Vietnamese Women Are Beautiful!

Quick post here.  Being a Global Citizen, I find that Vietnamese women are very feminine, gentle and wonderful.  But just be careful not to make them upset or else you will be in trouble!

Quick story, Global Citizen style.  I once attended an event in Saigon where there were many beautiful ladies wearing the Ao Dai.  I was sitting at a table with a wealthy American financial CEO and one of the local leaders of the Communist party.

The American businessman got drunk and said “I don’t care about the dresses!”

Global Citizens – Understanding Ourselves

I just read a very good article in the NYT by one of my favorite contributors David Brooks.

The article is here:  The New Humanism

In short, his article speaks about our emphasis on measurements, metrics and reasoning while ignoring our emotions, human bonds and the like.  If you haven’t clicked the article, here is a paragraph where you can obtain the idea.

“I’ve come to believe that these failures spring from a single failure: reliance on an overly simplistic view of human nature. We have a prevailing view in our society — not only in the policy world, but in many spheres — that we are divided creatures. Reason, which is trustworthy, is separate from the emotions, which are suspect. Society progresses to the extent that reason can suppress the passions.”

Madame Butterfly – Asian Women, Western Men, A Global Citizen Perspective

Madame Butterfly, what a beautiful opera.

Or is it?

For me, I have always had conflicting feelings about this one and true to Global Citizen form, it will be an opinion that I do not think has ever been discussed in the West.  I’m not sure if it was discussed in Japan but if any Japanese have an opinion I would LOVE TO HEAR IT!

Again, this is one of the reasons we created this blog.  The point I am going to make I think has never even been considered in the West and I might, honest to God, be the first one to propose it.

Right vs. Left – Being Civil


In this post, I’ll use the Kiss method – Keep it simple stupid.

*Quick note I should put in before you read this.  When I say “Right” I mean Republicans.  I really don’t care if your opinions are Right or Left, both can be good depending on the circumstances.   But on the Right, I like Libertarians and absolutely hate what the Republican party has been hijacked by (Rush, Palin, Beck).  The Grand Old Party is no longer Grand and will not be so until it gets rid of the aforementioned idiots.

American Politics – A Short Story

This past week, after the events in Arizona and markedly different speeches by Obama and Palin I started to reflect on the state of American politics.  I wrote a post on the shootings, hate speech and civility but then realized what I was saying is not much different from what others have already said.  So I didn’t publish it but still had the desire to write something……

As a Global Citizen blog it doesn’t do much good to simply jump into the domestic debate and simply emphasize what is already being discussed.  We have to do better and serve the internationals who read this blog.