Israel invasion of Gaza – 2nd Post

At the gym today I had the misfortune to look up at the t.v. which was tuned to CNN.  They were covering the Israeli invasion and my blood started to boil.  It appears an Israeli soldier was taken hostage and it was being called a “game changer.”  I absolutely detest the way Americans describe war…… Continue reading Israel invasion of Gaza – 2nd Post

2011 – Thoughts

I know it has been a very long while since my last post but I have been extremely busy. As these posts go to the unknown internet I won’t tell you what events have happened but I can tell you that what are categorized as life’s most stressful events, I went through two of them in succession. No worries however, they were both good. On top of that the holidays happened and I had many many guests, also which was a great pleasure but left no time for posting.

Those Brave Western Correspondents

Reading the article Thai protesters defy orders to leave their Bangkok camp I noticed something that I have often noticed before in war/conflict stories. Before I tell you what that is, what caught my eye is a brief blurb on the situation in Bangkok at the center of the conflict. It reads: “Rachel Harvey, BBC…… Continue reading Those Brave Western Correspondents

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Another CNN rant

I have said time and time again that CNN is awful and most intelligent people agree. So what is it that keeps us watching it? Apparently their business model works if even I cannot change my web browser start up page. I guess it’s because they have a worldwide network and are the first to…… Continue reading Another CNN rant

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