Israel invasion of Gaza – 2nd Post

At the gym today I had the misfortune to look up at the t.v. which was tuned to CNN.  They were covering the Israeli invasion and my blood started to boil.  

It appears an Israeli soldier was taken hostage and it was being called a “game changer.”  

I absolutely detest the way Americans describe war in terms of a sporting event.  But perhaps it is fitting as American media continually roots for one team which is Israel while trying to justify the worst atrocities.   

2011 – Thoughts

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know it has been a very long while since my last post but I have been extremely busy.  As these posts go to the unknown internet I won’t tell you what events have happened but I can tell you that what are categorized as life’s most stressful events, I went through two of them in succession.  No worries however, they were both good.  On top of that the holidays happened and I had many many guests, also which was a great pleasure but left no time for posting.

Those Brave Western Correspondents

Reading the article Thai protesters defy orders to leave their Bangkok camp I noticed something that I have often noticed before in war/conflict stories.

Before I tell you what that is, what caught my eye is a brief blurb on the situation in Bangkok at the center of the conflict.

It reads:

“Rachel Harvey, BBC News, Bangkok

LPGA – English Only

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw on the news that the LPGA had issued an “English Only” policy. I knew immediately that it deserved a post after hearing a few people in the hotel dining room say it “sounds like a good idea.” Fortunately, I believe these people were outnumbered by those who disagreed but I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.
The new rule apparently targets the large number of lady Korean golfers who are making enormous strides in the sport. I was in disbelief especially after the Olympics which is such a world unifying event and the entire program is based on athletic merit which it should be. I had assumed that professional sports in the USA would also adhere to this same principle but I guess one can always be surprised. I know the male sports look only at ability such as the MLB and NBA and it’s too bad that the snotty LPGA can’t figure this out as well.
I am relieved however that by doing a quick search in Google there is a lot of backlash and has an article that says “LPGA’s English-only policy is unsportsmanlike and un-american.,28136,1836266,00.html?cid=feed-tours_news-20080826-1836266
After seeing that article, the steam stopped coming out of my ears and really deflated what would have been a much longer rant since I can see that people with common sense are attacking this policy.
However, it still seems that in America there is the concept that people who do not speak English are ‘lesser’ or dumb. This was certainly the case when immigrants first arrived in America in the 1800s’ but one would think that we have become much more intelligent by now.
A good example of the hypocrisy is to use the French in Paris who give Americans the short shrift when they are unable to speak French which would probably make the snobs in the LPGA very upset. Yet they are doing the same thing to these Korean ladies in the LPGA only now it is not French but the English speaking women who are being uppity.
One could also make the case that they simply are afraid of being beat by the Koreans and thus institute a retarded rule like someone in Kindergarten.
But again, there does seem to be some serious backlash which is already on the web so I don’t think I need to make this post very long as the opinion is already out there in mass posts.
The only other news article I do need to comment on however which I couldn’t believe was actually shown on CNN is the story of a hillbilly in Texas who claims he saw an image of Jesus on a moth. Will these ridiculous news stories ever end? One would think Jesus has more important things to do than create his image on a moth, a burrito or somebody’s Dunkin Doughnut. Or perhaps it is a conspiracy by CNN to dumb down their viewership. Nothing like waking up in the morning to one of CNN’s playboy bunny reporters reporting on images of Jesus in some hilljack’s happy meal.

Another CNN rant

I have said time and time again that CNN is awful and most intelligent people agree. So what is it that keeps us watching it? Apparently their business model works if even I cannot change my web browser start up page. I guess it’s because they have a worldwide network and are the first to report if something bad happens.
One thing I’ve noticed however, is the lack of information and debate in their top stories. The story I’m referring to now is the FBI raid on a congressman’s office. Apparently it’s causing a stir but from reading their articles, they never mention exactly why the office was raided. It goes something like this.
‘Congressman so and so’s office was raided. Republicans and Democrats don’t like it. Bush ordered the documents sealed. Congressman so and so was also mad.’
Why exactly was it raided and if it’s causing such a stir why don’t they tell us why?
As for lack of debate, this appears to be a nationwide problem. Everyone is either on the left and right and they aren’t going to budge. The extent of the debate goes like this.
Left: The invasion of Iraq is bad because they just want oil.
Right: No “we” don’t, it’s about giving Iraqi’s freedom and to protect us from weapons of mass destruction.
On the Right, I think most people simply don’t want to go against the “team” which is their country. They’ve lived in America their entire lives and speaking against the country’s action just seems wrong.
The Left is anti-war folk who would be against any war. They are the ones who want to save the planet, destroy corporations, even though they use the corporations products and services daily.
What America needs is not your right or left propoganda and media which refuses to even consider the others point of view. A great show would be two intelligent people who take a position opposite to their own point of view and try to defend it while conceeding to points made by the other side. But no, debate in America has simply come down to “the other side is wrong” mentality.