Japan, Reactor child explanation, Self Defense Force and Kanji

Just saw this making the rounds on Facebook. Here is the video with explanation. I also have some other things I’d like to point out down below. https://youtu.be/O1aH2-MhEko From the pictures pretty self explanatory.. but here you go. “Genpatsu-Kun” – Name given to character of Japanese reactor: GenPatsu = Source of radiation — Kun =…… Continue reading Japan, Reactor child explanation, Self Defense Force and Kanji

Penance, Happiness, Language and Poison Oak

It has recently occurred to me that in order to achieve happiness, the opposite is first required.

How can we know happiness when we have never experienced pain or sorrow? As I look around, I see people with a very high standard of living, which the Kings of the past could only have dreamed. I see people who should be happy or even content, slogging through life continually reaching for that elusive state of joy.

Japanese TSA Airport Security

I think you have to understand Japanese society and that it is still very male dominated. I think they respect women much better than most societies but there is still a very strong element to see them as sex symbols. Yet, when making decisions it might be surprising to know that it is the wives who usually control the finances in the household.

Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking

Recent comments by Chinese premier and media darling Wen Jiabao have made waves in the China observing community. On a recent trip to Shenzhen, the city where Deng Xiaoping announced his great economic reforms, Wen said: “We need not only to promote economic reform, but must also promote political system reforms. Without the guarantee provided…… Continue reading Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking