Tokyo – An experience

It is full of millions (around 20 mil) and viewing it from above extends beyond the horizon. It never ceases to evoke a deep sense of wonder. Each person having their own unique experience in this seemingly infinite city all interacting with each other to form a collective “normality” contributing to the character of Tokyo.

My love-hate relationship with Japan

Despite my better judgment I am seriously considering moving back to Japan – at least for a period of some years – to work and spend time with my family in law. My challenge is that I am basically at odds with the traditional view of what constitutes a good honorable person in Japan and…… Continue reading My love-hate relationship with Japan

My Blog

I’ve kept a blog this blog for quite some time. However, I really haven’t been very active in terms of approving comments, learning new things or writing new entries. Just now I looked at the comments and found a lot! I also checked out the visitor statistics which are pretty good for a blog that…… Continue reading My Blog

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Four City Impressions: Tokyo, Saigon, Columbus, San Francisco

It has been three and a half years since I first came to San Francisco to work on the career aspect of my life. Things have gone according to plan, I’ve settled into a routine and time has gone quickly. In fact, this is the most time I’ve spent in once city in the past…… Continue reading Four City Impressions: Tokyo, Saigon, Columbus, San Francisco