NEVER AGAIN – Concentration Camp

It’s late and I’m back from watching the ballet version of Don Quixote.

I had read the history of the performance and learned that it was first performed for the royalty of Russia.  So, taking this information I imagined myself a European royal attending the ballet.

What went through my mind?

Well, being a business person I understand that the ballet must sell tickets to keep their doors open.  They are a business.   In this same vain I realized that the CEO’s watching the ballet also must sell their goods so they can make enough to attend the ballet!

Nuclear North Korea. Positioning by China, Japan, Korea

In connection with North Korea’s testing of a nuclear bomb, three things I want to notice:

1) China’s reaction when the UN Security Council meets. Until now China’s attitude towards any proactive steps on UN’s behalf has been one of stalling or preventing. China has actively opposed any and all sanctions or even harsh language against countries like Iran or Sudan.

Now that China’s own ass and interests are on the line. Will they change their attitude? Will they agree to sanctions?

Move back to the USA?

At this time, I’m contemplating a move back to the USA. There are many factors contributing to this decision but perhaps the main one is to simply get some American work experience before I hit 30. After living and becoming accustomed to Asia for the past four years, it is impossible to re-adjust to the midwest and American life in general. Perhaps I’m just crazy and with just a simple adjustment in my thought process I could move back, attend the mega-churches, affirm that god hates gays, buy a Hummer and some guns, become a CONSUMER of products and live my life to earn dat money and consume more shit. And oh yea, the American Government spies on it’s citizens, tortures and I don’t have any rights at all if I’m classified as a “terrorist”, and have actually heard stories of the expatriate crowd actually getting detained in white rooms for a few hours while in the USA. Hell, moving to China or North Korea might be safer. Well, maybe not North Korea.
In case you couldn’t tell my image if the US of A just ain’t so good at the moment. But take it with a grain of salt as my image has long been feed by CNN (Crisis News Network), business books like “The World is Flat” (which is a good book, but the underlying theme the problem) which gets so excited over how much faster Americans can be greedy and CONSUME.
Let me take a minute and ponder this word CONSUME. Being one who enjoys languages and the passive study of etymology I have to say I hate this word Consume or a person who is a consumer. To me it sounds like the person is a leech or like a black hole that sucks things into their being and grows fatter and bigger and bigger and fatter. Like one is a parasite to the earth bleeding it dry until nothing is left. And reading this book “The World is Flat” which is a great book and extremely informative, yet it makes my skin crawl. The problem is the underlying theme which is that we can CONSUME, Devour, Exhaust, Ingest faster and faster in such tones as ‘What a great world we live in now that we can DEVOUR CONSUME TAKE IN Over 400lbs of rubble, materials, items per DAY NOW When before It was ONLY 3lbs per day in 1982!!! Wow great for us!
For me, I felt the most liberated in my life when I shed my car, apartment, kitchen appliances, and other items that to me where like a 1000lb weight around my neck. Now if I go back to the states, it will be like putting this weight right back on voluntarily.
However, I’m running out of time to figure out the world. I’ve gone a little far on the langauges and international learning but for some reason, I feel like I deserve to be working in an office,,,, no cubicle,,, no small desk in a room with no light, with a suit on, and should hate my job but earn just enough to be able to stay afloat with a car, house,, no make it an apartment payment, health, eye, dental fire, flood, insurance and perhaps some sort of insurance from the local priest in case the local board of education adopts evolution instead of intelligent design and God burns down my town.
But on the other hand, America is still a kind of free country for the moment but should things turn even worse, I’m sure I could sneak into an Asian embassy and ask for asylum. But seriously, California I’ve heard has been reclaimed by the Mexicans with invasion forces coming from Japan, Vietnam, and China who maintain strongholds in certain sections of the city. So maybe California won’t be too bad. On the other hand, I’ve heard there are a lot of egocentric, presumptuous ACTORS out there! If I have to hear a statement like: “Well I think my role in Christina, really portrays our inner journey into the spiritual world and is a metaphor for rediscovery” I swear I’m gonna commit seppuku. And oh yea, if you couldn’t tell, I hate actors…… except Johnny Depp. He rocks.

Government Spying

Almost every ex-pat here in Saigon knows that there is a government dossier with their name on it from the moment they went through immigration. When I first heard of it, I was a bit taken aback and remember being taught that some governments in the world do this sort of thing. I also remember that living in America ment privacy from unnecessary government intrusion.
But I guess I was wrong. I stumbled (Mozilla browser “stumble” feature”) upon the ACLU’s website and found an interesting story about the “Matrix” formerly known as the “Total Information Awareness” which was then changed to “Terrorism Information Awareness” to deflect criticism. This system accumulates information about ordinary citizens including who they live with, their purchases, friends telephone number ecetera ecetera. The US government says it’s a tool to combat terrorism yet they are collecting unnecessary information on everyone. Many states have shut the program down, but my state Ohio is one that still actively uses it. It is going to seem strange going back to my home country knowing that I could be spied upon by my own government like the Communist countries do. It makes my skin crawl that my own government is collecting such information on me, and although I have nothing to hide, it’s the principal of the matter that really gets my blood boiling.
The Bush administration as well as previous ones are behaving just like North Korea but hiding behind the fallacy that it is used only for terrorists. North Korea is just as paranoid about it’s own citizens and it looks like the United States is following the same path. At least in the Communist countries it’s common knowledge but the USA by doing the exact same things the other governments do except try to lie about it to assuage peoples concerns.
I’m sure most Americans disapprove of this new system but it is sad that others will defend the practice of their own privacy being invaded. These are the people who will later on wonder how in the hell they gave away their own privacy by not speaking up and trying to do something about it. Thank God for the ACLU which seems to be one of only a few agencies that still cares about the rights of the people.