Asian Invasion!

Asians have taken over today’s news cycle! Asians Top Immigration Class – WSJ Apparently some report came out that says Asians are the number one class of immigrants at the moment.  Every single news source has jumped on this and although I really do not have time for a long post, I just wanted to record…… Continue reading Asian Invasion!

Why I am not a Multiculturalist

Multiculturalism is a logically incoherent and self-destructive ideology that resembles colonialism and is equally morally wrong. In this post I am going to examine the origins and current status of the multiculturalist discourse in Europe. During the 18th century Western powers went to the four corners of the world and colonized poor countries. Western values,…… Continue reading Why I am not a Multiculturalist

Great Immigration Debate

What I believe it does do however, is give people a glimpse of what the actual consequences are of supporting the knee jerk deportation reactions that many on the extreme right may feel. It puts a very real and human face on a debate that is currently employing only legal logic.