Violence and Islam in Europe

Europe is experiencing an increasingly costly and destructive problem with its non-Western immigrant populations – particularly those from Muslim countries. A new study shows that on a net migration of 25,000 non-Western immigrants per year, with an equal number of offspring, Holland alone incurs a net cost of €7.2 billion [$8.8 billion] a year. In Denmark,…… Continue reading Violence and Islam in Europe

Sweden Rejects the ’Melting Pot’

Swedish policy makers now openly reject the ‘Melting Pot’ as their model for integrating immigrants into society. Recent proposed changes to the Swedish constitution pose basic challenge to the nation-state and the principle of equality before the law. The term, the Melting Pot,  is commonly used to describe immigration, especially into the US, moving from…… Continue reading Sweden Rejects the ’Melting Pot’

From Study to Work for Study Abroad Students

The reason it can be challenging is from the moment you graduate, you are on your own and in “the real world,” where you will have to deal with visas, skill sets and a lot of competition from local candidates. The good news is jobs can be found but it really takes a lot of persistence and drive.

First Annual CEPOS Conference on Human Rights

Fresh back from the first annual CEPOS conference on human rights I just want to upload some pictures from the event where I duly noted that the introductory programme contained quotes from a report I had supplied chief legal officer Jacob Mchangama with a few days ago. The topic: Should the UN continue to be…… Continue reading First Annual CEPOS Conference on Human Rights