The ISIS takes a page from Spanish Conquistadors!

While reading my Lapham’s Quarterly I came across the “Requerimiento” (Requirement).  This was a written declaration of sovereignty and war, read by Spanish military forces to assert their sovereignty over the Americas.    “It was used to justify the assertion that God, through historical Saint Peter and appointed Papal successors, held authority as ruler over the entire Earth; and that the Inter…… Continue reading The ISIS takes a page from Spanish Conquistadors!


In honor of Halloween I’d like to write about Ghosts. I’ll try not to bring anything “controversial” such as religion into this one but I can promise nothing. What I can promise is an honest post about an issue that seems to be taboo. Even though in our culture we go to church, pray to the divine, eat flesh and drink blood we seem to have trouble sharing stories about the supernatural and those that do seem “weird.”