Dream as Reality, Reality as a Dream

At 36 years of age, I have come to a concrete realization that this world I live in is completely absurd.   It is similar to a lucid dream, where the dreamer becomes aware of the improbability and often outright impossibility of his surroundings and thus realizes he is dreaming while inside of the dream.…… Continue reading Dream as Reality, Reality as a Dream

America the Violent

America is a violent country. Murders, killings, loss of life, manslaughter, homicide.  The words we have to describe the extinguishing of life seem as numerous in our culture as the Inuit have words to describe snow.  That another murder will occur today in our largest cities is as sure and expected as the sun is…… Continue reading America the Violent

Human Evolution – A Long Way to Go

I have to say, I really love Netflix.  Every night we watch part of a movie from a seemingly infinite array of titles.  The great thing about Netflix is I often choose movies I would otherwise never have watched simply because I watch so many of them, I can just stream it and choose something…… Continue reading Human Evolution – A Long Way to Go

Creationism vs. Evolution – Unique thoughts

I just watched a the following video “Rare Look Inside Bible Belt Classroom,” and was pretty intrigued since I once thought as these students do.  I’d like to offer you my own personal reasoning and learning process from one who went from a Creationist to an Evolutionist and then hit direct center. https://youtu.be/GbXgsMxOPtI I attended…… Continue reading Creationism vs. Evolution – Unique thoughts