The Missing Culprits

Do yourself a favor. Call me crazy now, before you read the rest of this story. That way, this can be gotten out of the way, because what I am about to tell you, most of the public will not believe. On September 11, 2001, there were no terrorist involved, as reported by the U.S.…… Continue reading The Missing Culprits

The Bin Laden assassination part deux

It looks like most of my predictions from my previous post turned out to be correct.  Notice I wrote it right after the announcement was made.  How did I know these things you might ask?  Well, for two reasons: 1. I read a lot.2.  I learned a lot from many people while living abroad. Now…… Continue reading The Bin Laden assassination part deux

The difference between the left wing nut job movement and the right wing nut job movement in the USA

Upon reading the above editorial and seeing the comments
“When is America gonna wake up and stop believing the people that are trying to control us with lies and misdirection!”
“It will never happen. The right wing nut jobs will always believe their own over the truth.”
I started to contrast the power of the conservative movement in the states against the seemingly ineffective efforts of the liberal initiatives.