Please Do Generalize

When I was in primary school and we were given a short story to analyze, I remember that one of the rules-of-thumb was that “we shouldn’t generalize”. Something might appear to be so and so but we could never therefore conclude that it would continue to be so – or that it wasn’t just a […]

History Repeating Itself.

Well well well. In the spirit of the new GC design celebrating short comments, here is my 50 cents. It’s prompted by a blog post in my native tongue, Danish, which most of you will be unable to read (don’t trust google translate with minor languages): Anyway the post is by thorough nice guy […]

Why I am not a Multiculturalist

Multiculturalism is a logically incoherent and self-destructive ideology that resembles colonialism and is equally morally wrong. In this post I am going to examine the origins and current status of the multiculturalist discourse in Europe. During the 18th century Western powers went to the four corners of the world and colonized poor countries. Western values, […]