Nightly News BBC, PBS and Fox News

Just a warning, I’m feeling very feisty tonight.  I currently am listening to Rammstein and have had two glasses of a very nice Chardonnay.  

The idea for this post came while watching the nightly newscast of BBC and PBS WHILE drinking the Chardonnay and once I get the post out of my system I’ll be satisfied.  This one is going to be no holds barred.  Well, you know what, being a linguist I don’t really like stupid wrestling metaphors so let’s just say I’m going to be mean. 

Things I Do Not Understand


In this post I would like to explore more than a few current issues which I simply cannot understand.  To me, it seems the more I travel, read and learn the less I am able to make sense of what goes on in the world.

If find that those who are extremely confident in their opinions, ideologies and beliefs are the ones who know the least.  More often than not, they simply have not been exposed to anything else and should a glimmer of a different thought or idea be presented they already have a plethora of arguments against the differing idea ready at hand.  A simple metaphor would be one who has only sampled chocolate ice cream and insist that it is the best possible ice cream and therefore there is no need to try any other flavors.

The Great Hate

What a lovely holiday weekend!  This morning I awoke bright and early only to discover that we were very short on breakfast food.  In fact, we had none unless leftover curry would be OK for breakfast.  So, it seemed we would be eating out for breakfast and we headed down to the Starbucks on Powell and Sutter near Union Square.

On Sundays I often like to buy a real newspaper (made with paper and ink!) from my favorite newsman Joe.  Joe is there every Sunday and I recommend you buy a paper from him if you happen to be in the area as he is a great guy!

Ron Paul, Tea Party, Fox News and Colorado Springs

Ron Paul, Tea Party, Fox News and Colorado Springs.

What do these four things have in common?  Well, for starters they were all mentioned in the news today.  But the exciting news is that I agree with ALL of them!!

For anyone who has read my blog you probably think of me as a Liberal.  If you are a liberal yourself then you might think of me fondly.  Yet if you are conservative then I would be someone who just “went weird” after living abroad and in San Francisco for too long.

A Letter to my Foreign Friends (Living in Distant Lands) Warning: Politics involved!

Friends, Amigos and Acquaintances,

I hope you are all well and sorry for the delay in getting you updates. It has now been four years since I came back to the States and what a ride. I got a nice job and joined corporate-land where they use the English language in a strange way such as say they “have so much on my plate,” and other metaphors which take me a minute to “digest.” Things are going well but I have to say I’m really envious of you all at the moment because I’m really missing life over there!!