The Domestic Terrorist Insurrection

I write this as America remains in shock of disbelief at what has been described as first a protest, then a riot, but in reality was a domestic coup attempt by domestic terrorists. The media is having a hard time using that word terrorists as the criminals were not brown or black but almost all…… Continue reading The Domestic Terrorist Insurrection

Three Images that Define Trump’s America

This is a post I really did not want to write. I even had trouble coming up with the title and if I should choose “Trump’s America” or just “America.” I went with the former because I believe there is still a lot of good in America and Americans, but there is a sickness and…… Continue reading Three Images that Define Trump’s America

An International Discussion in Virtual Reality

Living and studying overseas is life changing. The problem is that the experience cannot be understood by description but must be experienced. We are all born into an environment that is basically a bubble. We have our community, our school, and most often the same politics and religion of our neighbors. Humans are still very…… Continue reading An International Discussion in Virtual Reality

Solipsism, Politics and Facebook

I read a lot. This is not meant as a brag or a boast but rather something that has occurred with this addiction I have formed to my tiny black information box called the Iphone.  Over the past couple of years I have come to the habit of repeatedly pressing the home button, entering my…… Continue reading Solipsism, Politics and Facebook

Liberals vs. Conservatives

It is Saturday night, I have had a productive day and am now treating myself to a few glasses of wine.   You know what happens when I do that.  The thoughts flood into my head and I feel like writing.  As usual, please forgive me if this post does not flow properly, the paragraphs…… Continue reading Liberals vs. Conservatives