The Domestic Terrorist Insurrection

I write this as America remains in shock of disbelief at what has been described as first a protest, then a riot, but in reality was a domestic coup attempt by domestic terrorists. The media is having a hard time using that word terrorists as the criminals were not brown or black but almost all…… Continue reading The Domestic Terrorist Insurrection

Trump, failings of the left and the news

Half of the United States remains in shock from the election of Donald Trump.  Their only hope to awake from the nightmare was dashed yesterday with his confirmation by the electoral college.  That is all she wrote liberals, welcome to the next four years. The Liberals wonder how half of their countrymen could be so…… Continue reading Trump, failings of the left and the news

Healthcare Debate and a small rant on selfishness (nonpartisan)

Healthcare. For me, just saying that word conjures up feelings of boredom, something that only old people with white/gray hair and wrinkles talk about and large confusing plans that make me feel dumb when I try to understand them. Now, when I read my news in the morning it is a word tied to something…… Continue reading Healthcare Debate and a small rant on selfishness (nonpartisan)

Intelligence Agencies!!

Hey Intelligence Agencies!!! Good news, I found the terrorists!! I’m sitting here watching the news in California and they’ve just reported that gang members have killed two 14 year olds in the past week! If you’re not too busy please use your “precision guided missiles” to unleash some “shock and awe” in the city of…… Continue reading Intelligence Agencies!!

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