Three Images that Define Trump’s America

This is a post I really did not want to write. I even had trouble coming up with the title and if I should choose “Trump’s America” or just “America.” I went with the former because I believe there is still a lot of good in America and Americans, but there is a sickness and it is that disease which has manifested into what we see in the Trump Administration.

I have three pictures which all illustrate what the Trump Administration is but I went with the first because it characterizes not only the current administration but what politics are as a whole. Now I didn’t watch the Republican National Convention as I already knew they would yell, insult and put on such a disgusting show that it would get a school child suspended if they did the same. But this is politics not school, and in the current environment you’re allowed to be as disgusting as you’d like with as little substance as you’d like and there you go. Put up an attractive female, praise Jesus and America, throw out a few nasty insults and you’d get an A plus from the Trumpsters.

Welcome to America in 2020.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is a perfect succubus of Fox News. A succubus if you were unaware, is a demon in female form that appears in dreams to seduce men usually through sexual activity. Mix that seductiveness with anger, constant insults and a splash of Jesus and you’ve got not only Fox News but the entire Republican base. And boy do Kimberly and Kaleigh? KayLighe? Kilagh? that White House Press Secretary get that Republican base fired up both above and below the belt.

Do I make you horny?

But here is the kicker and where it spills beyond the pool of idiocy that is Trump and his supporters but to America as a whole. Kimberly Guilfoyle was once married to Gavin Newsom one of the leading Democratic politicians in the country and current Governor of California. She was his wife when we was Mayor of the most Liberal city in America, San Francisco. And now she is the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr who is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

What does this mean?

It means you’ll take the Democratic dick when it brings you money and power. You’ll take the Republican dick when it brings you money and power. And thinking of other women in the administration you’ll take the rich dick, skinny dick and even old dick if it brings you money and power. Take the dick, praise Jesus and America, trash everyone who does not agree with you. This is the nightmare created by current Republicans and the perfect environment in which the succubus thrive.

This image also not only represents the absurdity that is the Trump Administration but also how completely stupid a big chunk of Americans have become. So you’ve chosen a billionaire, philandering, thrice married, narcissist, con-man as your evangelical leader have you? Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. America has a tradition of “revivals” back to its earliest days where the country people gather together and get all worked up on whatever it is the preacher decides to yell and get all worked up about. And by the way, Falwell, another major evangelical leader apparently is in the news for all kinds of sexual deviancy. At least Trump doesn’t Tweet drunk and knows to keep his pants buttoned up on social media. But alas, in Falwell’s defence at least the women he did it with (and the men he let do his wife) were all grown ups. The same cannot be said for all Christian affiliations.

I try to rationalize the above but always come up short. I suppose they can look past all Trump’s faults as he is in opposition to all things Democrat and that includes abortion. The abortion part is understandable but Trump is the epitome of someone Christians everywhere should be trying to save, not praise!!! He is dividing the country through hate, all in order to keep power and Christians that refuse to see this are terrible Christians, willfully blind or just plain stupid.

Served cold too!

What is current American society in 2020? It is high fat, zero nutrition crap served on a silver platter. It looks fancy but linger too long and you’re really just damaging your health.

America is currently on a binge of network news propaganda brought to everyone through the social media echo chamber. You give the people what they want so they will click and advertisers can make money. What news and social media platforms do not want to do is offer good, honest debate that solves problems. Like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Fox News viewers really enjoy the atmosphere and feeling of being part of the rich and powerful but in the end they’re just getting screwed. I imagine Kimberly knows this but hey, if it gets you in the spotlight then why not? What is morality and doing the right thing anyway? Might as well enjoy the sexual romp, and who knows America might even elect you President! Maybe a sex tape would help? Suddenly I’m getting flashes of Eva Peron and Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. Come on America, we too can be just as nepotistic as Latin America if we just try hard enough. Looking at the White House it looks like we’re already there.

Well, the early morning hours are coming to and end but I needed to get this post off my chest.

I’d like to end by saying that in America we really only have two choices which are of course Democrat or Republican. Everyone fits more or less neatly in one box or the other. It is understood if you hate one side then you must support the other. Any variation from this just doesn’t compute in the minds of most Americans because if you fit in neither box then you really don’t matter as far as politics or the culture wars are concerned.

As for me, I fit in neither box. I absolutely hate Trump and the disease that caused him. I much prefer old style, fiscally conservative Republicans. I am a Liberal but I also understand that San Francisco is a mess and I did not like Hillary. I see how inherently dirty politics are and I’m what is called “disillusioned” and there is no coming back for me. I don’t even want to vote anymore but will force myself to do so because Trump has the ability to really damage America even more so. That is tough to swallow as 25 million or so are out of work (awful pandemic response), none of our allies respect us (no explanation needed), we’ve lost all credibility (Kurds), and we are generally being looked at with horror by the world. With the soft power all but gone America now only has its military might to influence the world.

So my real fear is that Trump, in his bumbling could put us on a path to a very destructive war and I’m not talking about a war where America just goes over to another country and bombs the place killing thousands of civilians. I mean one in which a real adversary could send missiles to the USA. Something where the American public will experience what we do to other countries, and has never been done to us. Back to the bomb shelters of the 50s perhaps? America has been brought unimaginably low over the past four years and I’m afraid to imagine how bad things could get if Trump wins again.

Pretty girls being angry on TV are of little comfort when death might be imminent through all out nuclear war. Americans have forgotten what it is like to be afraid. The threat of Russian nukes faded in our national consciousness soon after ’89. Even then, I don’t remember being particularly concerned, it was just something that sat in the back of your mind.

Well, with Trump, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, I’m feeling afraid again. Covid-19, wild fires, noxious air all around and the ever present concern of losing my job will seem like child’s play if Trump is re-elected and the issues with China and North Korea continue on the same path. Haha, nuclear war never going to happen you say? Yea, how about being stuck in our homes for a year, with 25 million out of work and the threat you might inadvertently kill your mother or grandmother through pandemic coming out of the blue. Anything is possible in the future but for a brighter future it really helps to not make stupid decisions and there is a MAJOR decision coming up in November.

Sorry for getting serious there for a minute. This is America, let’s just grab a pack of Bud Light, throw out some insults while praising Jesus and Instagram ourselves getting drunk. MAGA!!!

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/