GME, AMC Stockmarket Adventure

(Originally posted on January 29th. Updated on 4.10.21 – Updates after original post) Yesterday, January 28th is one that will go down in history and the history making will continue for a while. In short, the internet just discovered that by banding together common individuals can beat evil Wall Street hedge funds at their own…… Continue reading GME, AMC Stockmarket Adventure

An International Discussion in Virtual Reality

Living and studying overseas is life changing. The problem is that the experience cannot be understood by description but must be experienced. We are all born into an environment that is basically a bubble. We have our community, our school, and most often the same politics and religion of our neighbors. Humans are still very…… Continue reading An International Discussion in Virtual Reality

Corporate Passion!

Corporate Passion! Traveling to a foreign country for the first time is an experience that usually leaves very deep impressions on people. The culture and customs seem very exotic as one comes to the realization that not everyone lives as they do. One can have these same experiences upon returning to their home country if…… Continue reading Corporate Passion!