Trump, failings of the left and the news

Half of the United States remains in shock from the election of Donald Trump.  Their only hope to awake from the nightmare was dashed yesterday with his confirmation by the electoral college.  That is all she wrote liberals, welcome to the next four years.

The Liberals wonder how half of their countrymen could be so stupid?  In an effort to understand they might turn on Fox News, or for the younger generation that get their news from social media, click on The Blaze and share a video from Tomi Lahren.  For those who have been fortunate enough to never see either Fox or Tomi let me sum them up for you.  You have beautiful women who are perpetually angry bitching about the liberals.  You also have a few men as supplements to the attractive women who are also very angry and complain about liberals.  It is all prom queens and quarterbacks.

The Neanderthals who watch these shows are titillated by angry females and feel a macho camaraderie with these angry females less attractive male counterparts.  It is a reality they wish to identify with: ugly men hanging out with beautiful women showing likemindedness in what they hate.  Break out the Budweiser and it is an absolute party!

This is nothing new mind you and reminds me of a post I wrote six years ago about these very same angry people!   The only difference is you now have Tomi who is a very potent form of concentrated rage packaged in a very pretty all-American, white-as-fallen-snow, young body.

The majority of pretty females of Fox News six years ago have been cast aside and some even sexually harassed by their boss! Six years causes wrinkles and things to sag; there are prettier, and more importantly younger women out there who can be equally, if not even more, angry than their predecessors.  The only exception to this that I can think of is Megyn Kelly.  To clarify I mean she is still around because she is a goddess and goddesses do not age. I did not mean that she was not sexually harassed by her boss Roger Ailes because she probably was.

In this May 5, 2016 photo, Megyn Kelly poses for a portrait in New York. Donald Trump is a guest on Kelly’s first Fox network special, which airs May 17. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

But even this Goddess of anger and rage seems a bit vulnerable these days as she has had squabbles with the true overlord of the Republicans, Donald Trump!  Just like Roger, Donald metaphorically grabbed her by the pussy and said very nasty things!  Well, for the six plus years of hate she preached to her audience and this is how they repay her?  Her faithful crowd of worshippers kneeling in her temple just got up and left when they heard the mighty thunder of “Make America Great Again.”  Just as Athena, or all Goddesses for that matter, take a back seat to Zeus or mighty Thor, so did Megyn when a really rich, powerful demagogue came on the scene.  Donald Trump has money, has women, and doesn’t need to concern or align himself with what angry women with a microphone say.  Hell, he didn’t need to mind what the entire Republican Party hierarchy had to say!

How glorious it is to see that a man’s man, one with money, power and women to boot, can blast apart the very foundations of the Republican party and remake it in his own image.  It shows that beautiful angry women only hold a limited amount of influence but when it matters, the true Neanderthal voter will rally around another man.  Bros before Hoes Yo!  God damn, what Trump has just pulled off almost makes me want to get on my knees and worship as well!

So to the Republicans who are butt-hurt by their own party’s victory, I say to you that this is the reality you have created.  Welcome to it.

However, eight years of hate are only one – and in my view a lesser – part of the equation.  One article which I have yet to see written or an idea that has not yet been alluded to is the culpability of Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and assorted rabble that make up the Democratic Party.  You are even more-so responsible for this mess.  You didn’t do your job which was to ensure that you win the election.  All of your actions and deeds mean nothing if they will all be picked apart by the incoming administration and even more importantly the Supreme Court which does not change every four years.  This is a major turning point in American history and it is your fault that it will be a disaster.

In fact, I agree with Trump that the way the world looks right now is a complete mess.  Democrats can only blame Bush for so long yet here we are: we’re stuck in Syria, the Philippines are no longer friends, we were almost at war with both China and Russia (now just China thanks to Trump), Obama care isn’t working out as expected, ISIS, terrorism is all around, and even our friends, the European Union, is falling apart.  I agree with him that you didn’t do a very good job at all and you know what confirms this belief?  TRUMP WON THE ELECTION AND WILL BE PRESIDENT!

Obama famously said that Hillary was “likable enough.”  Well, no, no she wasn’t.  She wasn’t likable enough yet the Democratic Party manipulated things to give her her turn and look where that has gotten us.

Therefore, I’m seriously considering leaving the Democrats.  Even with this catastrophic blow I honestly think they’ll probably give Hillary some other important post and she and Nancy Pelosi can continue to run things into the ground – even though at this point I don’t think things could be any worse.  That is how crooked and dysfunctional the Democrats have become in my mind. I’ve actually looked up how to leave a political party here in California.

I’d like to finish this post now but I’ve put “news” in the title so I should probably say a few things more specifically about it.  Why haven’t I seen any mainstream articles blaming Obama and Hillary for the loss?  Why is it that I only get the really good information from Wikileaks, Reddit and Anonymous?? In the past you had really great investigative journalism but now that sort of information only comes from Wikileaks!!!  We’re not being told the truth by the news establishment and so just like in politics I wish someone would throw a brick through their window and shake things up a bit.

You know what happens when you don’t?  You get Breitbart, you get fake news, and you get many other sites that draw readers away from the mainstream because the mainstream isn’t reporting much that is worth reading.  When I read anything I like to not only be informed, but be taught and feel as though I’ve learned something valuable.  I don’t have this feeling much when I read the mainstream news.  They tell me this happened, or that happened but it all feels so vapid, such a waste of time.

Most information of substance remains behind a paywall which asks me to subscribe if I want to continue reading.  Yet when I read something from Wikileaks it draws me in, I’m getting forbidden knowledge!  The stuff they put out are worth my time because I’m getting something of value, something that others have tried so hard to keep hidden.  When I read Reddit /news I get real insight from the most up-voted comments.  I learn viewpoints from other countries, I learn things I did not know before!  I don’t learn anything from the mainstream news and so why bother to read it aside from learning that ‘something happened today.’

And furthermore, the mainstream news told me Trump would lose.  It is the job of the mainstream news to know these things – what are they doing when they go to work for eight hours everyday?  The presidential election was something they should have been right about and they were all wrong.  Why bother reading if they not only have an agenda, aren’t reporting on anything good and when it matters, get it wrong???

And with that I shall conclude my rant and may or may not add more or edit this post later.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/