Letter to My Descendants on the State of the USA

Dear Descendants,

I thought it might be interesting for you to hear my thoughts on these very dark times in the history of the USA. You’ll be reading about these times in the history books and so I wanted to give you my perspective.

To start, let me say that I do not like either party and my official voter status is NPP (No Party Preference). America is a country where the ability to think critically when it comes especially to government or religion is in very short supply. The choices in these realms must always be binary: black and white, right and wrong, good vs. evil, America vs. Russia (then terrorists then China), Democrat vs. Republican. Honest debate and the ability to see both positive and negative aspects to everything seems to be a thing of the past for the average American.

Now, since I don’t have all day to write this I am going to place blame for the current state of affairs directly on Republicans. I was once a Republican because that is what you do when you go to business school. The party was hijacked by Trump and his rightly described “basket of deplorables.” Let’s take a look at their positions which for me, are the most deplorable:

Limiting the ability of Americans to vote

Our entire form of government revolves around the people and their ability to choose their own leaders. Part of the Republican strategy is to limit the ability of people to vote. Isn’t that something!? They cannot win in a fair election so they’ll do everything they can to hijack the process. This is absolutely criminal and those that do it should be tried for treason.

Putting kids in cages

There is a crisis at the border with many unfortunate people trying to get into the country illegally. Yes, it is a problem and should be addressed. But it should be done so humanely and in line with the image America is supposed to project. What have Republicans done? They have treated them like animals and put kids in cages. All the while they go to church where the main teaching is to love everyone. I cannot think of any greater hypocrisy. It is as if Jesus himself said, “Yes, love everyone, BUT, we must put those kids in cages.”

Republican Evangelicals are the most hypocritical of them all. They profess to love their Jesus but support Trump who is the epitome of everything that Jesus would detest. If I were you I would advise that you never listen to any Republican Evangelical as through their recent actions they are nothing but liars and hypocrites.

Destroying the image of America to the world

Growing up I was lead to believe that America fought for what was good and right in the world. True or not that was at least the image. Under Trump Republicans have completely destroyed all the soft power that has taken decades to build. America now does not have a leg to stand on when it comes to espousing democracy, human rights, or pretty much anything else that brings the world together.

Republicans are selfish

We are currently in the middle of one of the greatest pandemics the world has ever seen. One action that would greatly help slow the spread of COVID is to simply wear a mask. Is this something even Republicans could handle? Of course not. For them it is all about individual liberty and if they want to spread disease then it is their right to do so. So what we are seeing is that we are not a country of unified citizens looking out for the common good but a collection of individuals looking after our own interests and screw everyone else. Yes, Republicans will celebrate Independence Day, waive the flag and drink their Bud Light but they do so not in support of America but for support of themselves. And oh yea, they’ll blast “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen which is actually a criticism of the USA. Those are Republicans for you.

Black Lives Matter

The African American was enslaved in this country for hundreds of years and then subjected to terror, persecution and injustice right up to the present day. On the face of it, you would think a good country would take a serious look at what we can do to help our fellow citizens. Is this the path Republicans taken? Of course not! They are currently defending the flag and statues of the Confederate army whose main purpose was to keep slavery in place. The Confederacy lost folks. That flag and statues are an affront to our fellow citizens of color. Does this make any sense at all? NO it does not!! With current events America is forced to look itself in the mirror and face the truth.

Could you imagine if the situation was reversed and it was African Americans who enslaved white people? What if it were African Americans who protected statues of leaders who had raped, tortured, beaten and terrorized whites for hundreds of years? How would white people feel? This is a moment in history where America is waking up, of getting better. The Republicans are once again on the wrong side of history.


This moment is a momentous one in the history of the USA. You will experience different issues and moments and so I’d like to give you advice. Learn languages and travel the world. Integrate as much as you can with other cultures and realize that everything you think you know may be wrong. Always choose the side that treats others kindly. No, you do not have to treat everyone with respect because in my time Republicans and the Republican Evangelical do not deserve respect. However, everyone is a living being and although their faults may be horrendous the path of love and kindness for the person is the correct one.

Who is spreading hate in my time? The Republicans are. Just listen to one podcast from an awful person called Rush Limbaugh. You know what Republicans did? They gave him one of the highest honors America can bestow. Read one day of the Twitter torrent put out by President Trump and if you have any sense at all will quickly see that he is a madman.

Let’s make a quick comparison. President Obama wanted healthcare for all; that was his main priority. What are the Republican priorities? Take away healthcare, defund education, basically do everything possible to ensure we’re not looking after the welfare of Americans as a whole. The only thing important to them is to ensure the rich get more money and to hold on to power no matter how damaging it is for the country as a whole.

In short, the current crop of Republicans are selfish, greedy, hypocritical idiots who care nothing for anything or anyone but themselves.

I never thought I’d say this but I am now inclined to avoid any group of people vigorously waving the American flag. They are fascist, racist, buffoons who may hurl insults at my family. There are places I will not take my family to in the USA under the current environment. I wouldn’t be surprised to see things worsen with Republicans trading their red MAGA hats for MAGA armbands and goosestepping around the block. Given the physical condition of most of Trump supporters I highly doubt they could goosestep more than twenty steps without running out of breath.

These are very sad times for America as a whole. If there is any God that has even a modicum of concern for the USA then Trump will lose the next election. If not, then God help us all.

But either way, it may be best to simply think of America as a business and not so much as a country. Republican or Democrat, the value ever since the 60s or so has been around money and who can get the most of it, not in the welfare of the citizens. Don’t let this mentally stress you out, just take it for what it is, and consider yourself a Global Citizen, the way of identifying yourself only with the country of your birth should be something for the history books.

Additional Thoughts:

Enemy of the Environment

If you’re against things like clean air, water and the overall health of the planet then guess which party one would belong to? The Republicans of course! Republicans are against science in general pandering to their base which believes all you need to do is pray and magically everything will be OK!

Prayer not only for the environment but also violence against children. How many times have we heard “Thoughts and Prayers” when there is a school shooting? Republicans being Republicans they will support guns over kids. Now I’m not against gun rights but I am against having military type weapons in the hands of civilians.

Well, there are so many thoughts going through my head that I’m just going to forgo any type of organization and just go with the flow of thought writing process.

So where were we? Republicans support a lying, cheating conman who has absolutely trashed the reputation of America in the eyes of the world at large. Not only that but was a complete failure in addressing one of the greatest threats to America in a lifetime. The Coronavirus has thrown out of work, what is it now, 25 million people and now 5 months later we’re seeing a massive surge in cases again? And what is this surge due to? It is due to the REPUBLICAN INACTION!!! All they had to do was enforce mask wearing and we could be looking more like Japan where they all wear masks but instead we’re seeing the cases rise in all the Red states who refused to do it. Florida, Texas and even Ohio. Millions of morons “exercising our freedoms” to not wear a simple mask.

So what does this mean on the overall? It is the triumph of the individual over the basic good of everybody. But this time it isn’t a policy that will only those causes liberals believe in. This time it will come back to bite them right in the ass. This time it is death and has shaken them so badly that even places like Texas are enforcing a mask policy. But too little too late my friends because they’ve already ingrained in the heads under those MAGA hats that they don’t need to wear a mask. They’ve preached that the mask is a liberal act of tyranny and now that their population could have one of the biggest death rates in the history of their state they are actually going to embrace those “Liberal” masks. Even Trump who has refused to wear a mask for the entirety of this pandemic has done so.

Again, can you imagine if Obama had done any of this? What if Obama had taken absolutely no action and we were then where we are today? The Right would have absolutely exploded calling perhaps not only for an impeachment but a lynching of not only the President but every single liberal citizen. But no, we’re at one of the worst times in American history and those buffoons in their MAGA hats continue to cheer on their President like the village idiot running around laughing and smiling after the village has just burned down.

International Students

The Republicans have ordered all international students to return home if their classes are not held in person. Do you think this will hurt or help the United States in the long run? If you don’t know the answer then I don’t want to explain it just as I don’t try to explain the inner workings of my server to a bug. It is precisely those international students who come here, learn about many of the aspects which (had previously) made America great and take them back to their own countries.

Allowing international students to study here is a major “soft” influence on the rest of the world! But no, again the Republicans make a mess of something that should be a no-brainer. I studied abroad and now have a deep appreciation for those countries in which I studied. I am a fan of Spain, France, Mexico and Japan simply because I was allowed to study there. How do you think students now barred from being in this country are going to think about America? Instead of loving it they will hate it. The Republicans have ruined what should have been the most influential years of their lives.

So what should a student who wants to study abroad do now? They should definitely look elsewhere. France, England, Japan, all have top notch universities and now the best and brightest of other countries will look towards other countries and NOT America. We were lucky if those exceptional kids decided to stay and work for American companies. It gave us a big advantage!! Rational people would want to attract talent not repel it!!! This is not a hard concept to understand! But instead of wooing the smartest people, instead the Republicans are trying to woo the votes of those in MAGA hats, or in other words the DUMMIES!!!

When it comes to politics social media has done a tremendous amount of harm. People that should be friends resort to arguing should they be on difference sides of the political spectrum. I’m 43 and so remember the times before social media.

I cannot think of one instance where my friends and I started to discuss politics. Yes, we were in our 20s so there were more interesting things to talk about but then politics was a dull, drab affair. If it did come up I would imagine honest debate left ending with nothing more than a shrug if we did not agree then getting back on to more important topics such as girls, beer and what we wanted to do with our lives.

Now with news as entertainment and the scourge that is social media society is completely polarized. And who did all of this begin with? You guessed it, the Republicans!! As far as I can see it began with Rush Limbaugh and Fox news becoming increasingly caustic as the years went on. But it was not Fox news which I hated first but CNN. Need proof? Here is a post I wrote in 2005 with a title that leaves no room for doubt.

I hate CNN – https://globalcitizenblog.com/i-hate-cnn/

I am against the constant wars of the USA. Now given my rants on Trump and Republicans above I’ll show that I can think and a thinking person should give credit where credit is due so I actually agree with one or two things Trump believes.

  1. We should get America out of these endless wars.
  2. Why wouldn’t we want a better relationship with Russia?

And while I’m at it I also applaud him for at least trying with North Korea. There, I’ve said something I agree with Trump about. I would invite any of the MAGA crowd to do the same with Obama. Can’t do it? I didn’t think so.

The reason I hated CNN was due to one commercial with Christine Amanpour running through the trenches of some war zone in her stilettos. They made war out as entertainment. That is it. Then they would have a spot where they show off and brag about all the latest American weaponry. Barbarians the lot of them.

CNN is awful and over the past decade and a half Fox turned into a hate spewing network. I turned it on for 1 minute after not watching anything for 10 years and saw Tucker Carlson with a face twisted by hate spew some rage at Gavin Newsom. Wow, that isn’t news, that is straight up hate and the MAGA crowd eats it up.

Fox gets the MAGA crowd whipped up and then they go on Facebook to share whatever right wing propaganda they can get their hands on. That is all they can do. The MAGA crowd is incapable of writing a well thought out sentence and so all they can do is read something, share it and at best maybe write a sentence or two which will probably have misspellings.

Have you noticed that the loudest on social media were the C students back in school? Have you looked at the map and realized that the spots of blue are places that have the highest and best education. The MAGA crowd is in the worst states such as Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, the places that devalue education and are completely backward. Red is in the countryside and blue is where the best universities are located.

How does the MAGA crowd explain this? OH, those places of learning are all infected by Liberals!! Much better to get your learning from Fox news and the rest of the angry talking heads.

Let’s repeat that. Places where education isn’t important or not readily available are Republican. Places with universities are primarily blue. This isn’t a coincidence folks.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/