The Interview Movie

Just finished watching The Interview as as usual for this blog I won’t be rehashing the same themes splashed all over current news. In short I did laugh at a few parts but on the overall found it just the same old crude high school humor fart joke type of movie that Hollywood continues to…… Continue reading The Interview Movie

Human Evolution – A Long Way to Go

I have to say, I really love Netflix.  Every night we watch part of a movie from a seemingly infinite array of titles.  The great thing about Netflix is I often choose movies I would otherwise never have watched simply because I watch so many of them, I can just stream it and choose something…… Continue reading Human Evolution – A Long Way to Go

The Book of Kells

The Secret of Kells – One of my new favorites. Here I explain a bit of the historical, religion significance of the movie that may not be apparent to some. Highly recommended, be sure to watch in High Definition!

2012 Movie – Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Two days ago I received the movie 2012 from Netflix and finally got around to watching it last night.  Then I wake up today and find the news article Ash from Iceland volcano disrupts European flights in USA Today. Further, I live in San Francisco which is a beautiful little city surrounded by water (and…… Continue reading 2012 Movie – Earthquakes and Volcanoes

The Politics of Avatar

I think those that have spent a lot of time overseas, spent time assimilating into other cultures, have learned a language and know their history will feel the exact same way as I do about this film. In short, the special effects are great while the storyline is horrendous.