Japan, Reactor child explanation, Self Defense Force and Kanji

Just saw this making the rounds on Facebook. Here is the video with explanation. I also have some other things I’d like to point out down below.

From the pictures pretty self explanatory.. but here you go.

“Genpatsu-Kun” – Name given to character of Japanese reactor: GenPatsu = Source of radiation — Kun = Like “San” but Kun used for kids.

Genpatsu Kun just farted, but it dissipated quickly so people living there didn’t even notice. But some say, won’t the fart stay around? Three mile Island farted,,, Chernobyl pooped and it leaked, and there was diarrhea and it ran all over the place… But that won’t happen to Genpatsu-Kun. He wears diapers. Some people yell, “If Genpatsu-kun poops we will be in trouble!” But Genpatsu-kun’s poop is heavy so it won’t go anywhere. Since the doctor is there everyday giving medicine, he gets tired, so other doctors come and do it. Then someone yells, He wears a diaper so wouldn’t it be ok if he pooped a little? But, you cannot clean up this type of poopy diaper because it really stinks and costs a lot of money. So for now, it is best to just give medicine. So, if you hear on the news, they are giving “Medicine Water” just remember they are giving medicine. Now, here is the worst case example. Genpatsu Kun may poop in his diaper but the diaper will hold it so it won’t be anything like Chernobyl and the poop won’t go far but it could smell so people won’t live near there and it could ruin the food like fish and vegetables closeby. So for now, we just have to do our best. It is a very difficult situation for people living in Fukushima. But don’t worry, Genpatsu-kun will get better.

I think that only in Japan they could explain this problem using poop and farts.

The other topic I’d like to address is the US-Japan military alliance. As usual, I’d like to discuss something the mainstream media has missed, or not thought of yet. I’m going to count the days until it appears on their radar,,, you heard it hear first.

In the past couple of years with the LDP party losing and being replaced by a new government, there was concern that the US – Japan military alliance would break down. In Okinawa there were negotiations and it looked for a while that the government would kick the US base completely off the island. Well, that didn’t happen and the Prime Minister was punished for it (lost his job.)

So now, Japan really needs American help. Just reading the news today I see Marines helping to clear rubble and warships transporting fresh water to put into the reactors as sea water causes all sorts of trouble.

Now, here is the question.

How will this affect the Japan – US military alliance?

This event has and will continue to cause some severe national psychological shock.  Just a year ago, Japan was on the verge of kicking out the US but now it appears they really are relying on the US military.

So perhaps there will be a complete shift in mentality and the US will have a guarantee to be there for the next 100 years?

How will this affect the Japanese Self Defense Forces?

A quick reminder, they are called the “Self Defense Forces” because Japan was made to sign a non-aggression policy after WW2 so on paper they should not need a military.  That is why they are called “Self Defense Forces.”  Of course, they are not engaging in aggression now, but they are more needed than ever so I’m just wondering how this will change the way they operate.  Perhaps they will beef up but still be called self defense forces?

Finally a simple explanation of the Japanese words Tsunami and Earthquake.

1.  Tsunami – 津波 – “Tsunami”

Literally I would say this means to “wash over all.”  Or, “overflow of a wave.” OR “Wave going over a port.”

a.) 津 – Haven, Port, Harbor, Ferry

–  On the left from top to bottom, this means water.  On the right we have “hand” which looks like the backwards E.  This hand is holding a brush.  So the image is someone painting water all over the place.

b.) 波 – This means wave.

On the left we have water again.  On the right it would mean “pelt, skin, hide, leather.”  Not sure how the image came to be hide but perhaps we could think of a “skin” as a covering for the water,,,, the top part of the water.  Like a skin covers an animal, waves cover the water.

2. Earthquake – 地震 – “Jishin”

a.) 地 – Ground, Earth

– The part on the left means “ground” and “Earth” The part on the right means “to be”

b.) 震 – quake, shake, tremble, quiver, shiver

– The top portion means “Rain” – 雨.  The bottom portion means “sign of the dragon,” “morning.”  So you see, when it rains, this awakens the dragon who causes the earth to shake.

Anyway, there you have it.  Please keep Japan in your thoughts and make a donation if you can.

Thank you

By Mateo de Colón

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