The Interview Movie

Just finished watching The Interview as as usual for this blog I won’t be rehashing the same themes splashed all over current news.

In short I did laugh at a few parts but on the overall found it just the same old crude high school humor fart joke type of movie that Hollywood continues to spew out.  Say something about boners, maybe even show a boner, try to be even raunchier than the previous movies, yes, this is American exceptionalism at its best.  

I don’t see why the DPRK should feel threatened since it is movies like this that show exactly how decadent America has become.  They could turn it around and use it as propaganda!  

Now, what really stood out for me was their mentioning of SEAL Team Six.  Mentioning this team is a testament to American’s severe case of attention deficit disorder and extremely short memory.  The fact is that the famous members of SEAL Team Six are all dead except (as far as I know) the one who wrote a tell all memoir Matt Bissonnette.  And there was even a line in the movie where the protagonist tells the CIA he will make a tell all memoir!

To mention this team where the members are mostly dead in a movie whose main assets are dick jokes seems extremely disrespectful.  It is as though there are absolutely no boundaries left when it comes to American “entertainment.”  

And furthermore, the story of these dead SEALS has become one of the fastest non-stories I can think of in my life.  One minute they are the most celebrated guys in the USA and the next minute they are dead with barely a whisper in the news.  Check out this news article: Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job…

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but there are just so many incidents these days that don’t add up and oh look, there is a picture of a cat! 

That is what the internet and media have come to.  A massive amount of stupid information aimed at the masses.  In Internet terms the entire internet and media consuming public is getting DDoS’d on a 24 hour basis with packets of junk.  It is simply impossible to maintain a connection and concentrate on what is actually important. 

On a side note I think I’m the only one I know of who has actually received a post card from North Korea.  One of my old classmates was going there as part of a cultural/academic exchange and I donated a few dollars to be used to donate school supplies to the North Korean school children.  They sent me a postcard straight from Pyongyang which I think is pretty cool. 

By Mateo de Colón

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