America Needs Help

I wish I could say that historians will look back on this time and use it as a teaching lesson of how a country can sink very low in such a short amount of time. Then I realize there is no guarantee American society will get any better. There have been many times this year I’ve asked my self “can things get any worse?” I stopped asking myself that question many months ago but even though I do not ask things still get worse! So much for superstition. And the same goes for society in general. We’re going through momentous change with COVID, Black Lives Matter and have a narcissistic maniac for a President.

If things get better or not all hinges on if Trump is elected for another four years. Given the damage he has already caused I don’t think anyone can imagine how off-the-rails he will be if given another four years. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can look to the stalwarts of his own party, previous generals such as Mattis, or his own niece who just wrote a scathing book which is now a bestseller, to realize that even much of his own people are against him. Yet, he retains support of half the American public who are proving day after day that they are downright stupid. They are quite content to drag this country through the mud just to “own the Liberals,” or because Trump will support one issue they care about.

Or take a look that we’re in the worst pandemic of our history and, what is it now, perhaps a quarter of the American population is out of work. We’re now experiencing another spike in Coronavirus cases and what is the Republican party doing? They are demanding kids get back in school with Trump’s spokesperson saying “science shouldn’t get in the way,” they are fighting against masks although the President himself now wears one after months of refusing to do so and then threatening to withhold aid from cities that do not bow to his wishes!

The country that had previously closed its borders to citizens of other countries now find that other countries are closing their borders to Americans. Instead of America not wanting them it is them who do not want Americans.

This is a nightmare, a story unfolding which in normal times would be too unrealistic for the movie studios to consider purchasing. And what does half of the American public do? They cheer Trump on like the village idiot whose village has just burned down. I have lost all faith and for my own sanity just have to look away.

We are not one nation. We were previously a nation whose citizens looked after their own well-being when it came to any type of national policy. I say previously because it seems the Trump supporters are too stupid to even look after their own well-being by refusing to wear masks!

I for one never thought I’d agree with the Tories. The rabble are indeed too stupid to govern themselves and so with the election and continued support of Trump I no longer believe in Democracy. Why, why would you give the village idiots say over the rest of the nation? It is as though all the C and D students have taken over the class, kicked out the teacher barred the door to the adults and now run the show proudly making a mess of everything. At this point I cannot fathom any new low where the Trump supporters would say “this is too much.” Perhaps even us liberals on the coasts could be attacked and old friends who now support Trump would look the other way and say “Well, you should have loved America more!”

Now I understand how something like Nazi Germany could happen. Previously I had thought that it was just an different time with lack of information and a population that was just easily swayed and put under the spell of a demagogue. Well, it is happening to America now and if Trump gets 4 more years I could see him suffocating American cities and even citizens who do not agree with him. I can see half of America looking the other way and through some sort of mental gymnastics approve of even arresting or executing American citizens. Think that is too much? Well, Trump has done a very good job at vilifying everyone that disagrees with him. He calls them rats, and losers. And these include his previous close relations and supporters! All the while his supporters cheer him on.

One thing I really hate is when you point these things out Trump supporters will say “Why do you hate America!” It is as though they believe they have co-opted what it means to be an American and anyone who disagrees with them hates America as a whole, not only their ideas. It reminds me of Vietnam when those who were against the war were told to leave the country, that they weren’t true Americans. Guess what, Vietnam was a terrible mistake and America was in the wrong. Or let’s look at something more recent. How about Iraq? Weapons of mass destruction? Oh wait, Iraq didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction which was the reason for the war! Americans have the attention span of a turnip. So when will it be that America starts to hurt its own citizens and the Trump crowd tells everyone who disagrees to leave the country.

Oh wait, that has already happened. We’ve treated our citizens of color as second class citizens for hundreds of years. Trump wants to force our children back into unsafe environments simply for political gain. We’ve already had white supremacist rallies that Trump and his supporters refuse to condemn. He is the man who tear gasses peaceful demonstrators so he can take a picture, A PICTURE!, in front of a church with a Bible. And the Trump supporters continue to support him.

These Trump supporters are no longer my countrymen. They are enemies. These are the ones who inhabit states where I would no longer take my family. There are old friends who support Trump that I will no longer contact. This is Trump’s America and it is all about Trump. His supporters are too dumb to know he doesn’t even support them. He is the one encouraging them to not wear masks, to damage their own health for his political gain. The hospitals in the Southern states are on the brink of collapse but their population still cheers at the fact that they do not have healthcare. They’re in a tough spot now that healthcare disappears once you lose your job. Any sane, rational person would know they’re in a bad spot and it is of their own doing. But they will cheer on right up to their grave.

The only hope is that the majority of Americans get rid of him and Biden is elected. This is no guarantee as it seems the stupidity of half of America knows no bounds. The Democrats also have a fantastic track record of shooting themselves in the foot.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/