Romney, Republicans, Petraeus and Israel

Again, it has been a very long time since my last post.  The reason is laziness, pure and simple. But tonight, as I glare into the never ending stream of news on my iPhone I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of stupid I am reading.  As I am still very much in lazy mode,…… Continue reading Romney, Republicans, Petraeus and Israel

Embassy Attacks

I just wanted to write down a few thoughts about the embassy attacks that are occurring. The first is that I find it completely despicable that Romney has used the events to score political points. That was a very stupid move which all the pundits pointed out the day after he made it. I just…… Continue reading Embassy Attacks

The Value of Money

Simple thoughts, free-form writing in this post.  Get ready for a roller-coaster. What is the value of money? In our capitalistic society money seems to command the top spot, that which is to be desired over everything else. Money is that which every other desire can be obtained, this idea, this falsity is ingrained and…… Continue reading The Value of Money

Internet Overload plus random thoughts

A very heavy workday has ended and now I have a few minutes before I go into the evening routine.  Usually this time would be reserved for playing World of Warcraft but thankfully I think that addiction is starting to wane.   Or, it could be that I’ve created a nice little space for myself…… Continue reading Internet Overload plus random thoughts