Osama Bin Laden Dead and Lara Logan

Not 10 minutes ago, I saw President Obama on the TV announcing the news about the death of Osama.

As soon as it ended I had to jump on the blog and give you a few thoughts before you get tired of the countless analyses that are bound to come from every single media outlet and probably not stop for the next two weeks.  This news definitely trumps the royal wedding.

But, unlike all the others I’ll share some predictions, thoughts and insights that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else.  Well, maybe you would hear them if you read intelligent journals like The Economist or happen to be living abroad and know people in the intelligence community.  Or you can just read this blog and I’ll give you what I think has happened.

But before I do, you are probably wondering about the title and I owe you an explanation.  Before the news about Osama came out tonight, Lara Logan was on 60 minutes explaining what happened to her.

If you are not aware, Lara Logan was the reporter who was sexually assaulted covering the Egypt protests.  I had planned to write a post just about that, then the news broke.  These two words then collided as I turned on CBS, was waiting for Obama to appear and to my surprise, they cut to Lara Logan to give a few remarks about the death of Osama!  (Yes, I know 60 minutes is pre-recorded).

So, I’ve decided to turn two posts into one because I want to get these thoughts out of my head while they are still there.  I’ll start with Osama.

1. Osama is dead

The first thing that came to my mind is that this was a military strike inside a sovereign country.  Pakistan’s government has never been the most stable and a lot of their citizens really do not like the US.  Instead of spelling everything out, here are my thoughts point by point.

a.) The US didn’t consult Pakistan before the strike.  They just went ahead and did it. 
b.) Pakistan probably knew for a very long time where Osama was but forbade the US to strike against him or didn’t share the details.  
c.) 50% chance the US knew exactly where Osama was for a very long time but in the interest of not causing all hell in Pakistan waited for the right moment.
d.) The Arab uprisings have created this moment.  The region is a mess, going through some major changes and perhaps the US did not fear upsetting the government in Pakistan anymore since the dice are being rolled and who really knows what the outcome will be.  The US most likely believes with all the uprisings elsewhere the Pakistani government is either stable or not, and will remain either stable or not, so why not strike and let the balls bounce where they may. 
e.) Watch Pakistan this next week.  I have no idea what will happen but if I had to take a guess, things will remain stable.  
f.) The other Arab countries governments have more pressing matters to attend to at the moment (like not crumbling) so it doesn’t really matter if they attack the US on this now does it, they are weak anyway.

As for Al Qaeda……

They have other leaders.  Osama is most likely not that important in their leadership.  This is more a victory for the US population just to have some closure on that note.  But, terrorism will persist and there will be new leaders.  The “War against Terrorism” is a never ending one.  Let me repeat that, it will never end.

2. Lara Logan

First, let me say I feel very bad for her and what happened but am glad she has the strength to speak about it on national TV.  I wish her the absolute best.

The reason I wish her the absolute best is that from her 60 minutes interview, I honestly believe she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.  Her bosses however, I have complete contempt for.  How ignorant, how stupid how NAIVE to let a pretty blond haired blue eyed lady go into an enormous mob of third world men who have no respect for women.

We who have lived abroad just look at disbelief on something as stupid as letting her go in there.  Hell, I wouldn’t go in there as I have blond hair and blue eyes.  If I saw a mob like that I would quickly be running the other way!

On one hand I really want to vent some frustration as well at naive reporters who take unnecessary/stupid risks like this.  On one hand, I know there is some danger at getting the story, but it would seem bad things have been happening left and right with today’s reporters.  They get captured, are freed and then get to go on TV to explain what happened.  Other reporters see this, feel it would help advance their career and thus take crazy risks!  It is almost like a badge of honor in the reporting world!

1. Laura Ling – You do not step foot into North Korea and expect them to just let you go because you are a reporter.  I really like Laura Ling but come on, be smarter.

2. Jeer van Dyk – This guy was on CBS before Obama came out and mentioned he was taken prisoner by Al Qaeda.  Yes, that will happen if you happen to be a Westerner running around tribal areas of Pakistan!

3. Lara Logan – Again, I feel very sorry for her as I honestly believe she didn’t know what she was getting herself into .  I’m sure readers of this post have seen the news, listened to many opinions, but what you have not heard is the following.

If you are a woman with blond hair and blue eyes you do not go into third world mobs and expect them to act civilized.  After seeing what happened to Lara, the temptation to call animals, various third world citizens, Muslims, Arabs and so on must be very tempting.  But the truth is this.

You cannot categorize all third world citizens, Muslims, Arabs by the events which happened to Lara.  Keep in mind that it was Muslim women who protected her before the soldiers arrived.

But, I feel your anger and would advise the following.

1. Big Cities

– Stay away from mobs in big cities.  This is not just in the Middle East but I wouldn’t go anywhere near a mob in the following cities

a.) Anywhere in the Middle East
b.) Oakland
c.) Mexico City
e.) Beijing – Although the police here will beat the crap out of any protesters, if they are angry at Westerners, you’ll get beat up before the police can help
d.) Paris – Lots of young Tunisians without jobs, looking for trouble.  They had riots there a few years ago and I’ve been personally assaulted just for being a Westerner in the metro.

*Side Note – Places that are safe:  Japan, Vietnam, Thailand.

There are many places in the world where, in a mob, many people are not civilized.  If I had to lay a blanket categorization I would say blame it on men.  As the purpose of this blog is to help people get along I hate to call this out but people need to be aware.

Think, before you go somewhere where others may have a reason to hate you.  Think, before you enter a male dominated culture that does not respect women.  Be very careful in certain third world countries.

If you are as pretty as Lara Logan and cannot blend in with a crowd stay as far away as you can from mobs of men in third world male dominated societies!  Many of the young men are not civilized and bad things will happen.

As the above statement is really out of character with this blog and the message of people getting along I hate to say it but it is the truth.  Certain societies are very much stuck in the past and mobs of men can be downright awful.  They are more like animals in those scenarios and you have to be careful!!!!

So, getting back to the 60 minutes interview they gave the impression that it might have been the fault of the Mubarak regime in trying to intimidate reporters.  This is a bunch of nonsense.  They are simply afraid of saying the truth for fear of upsetting people.  The truth is, blond haired, blue eyed (women especially) Westerners should stay far away from mobs in third world, male dominated societies.  In fact, it there doesn’t even have to be a mob, take protectors wherever you go, especially at night.

Here are some reasons that nobody wants to talk about for fear of being politically incorrect.

1. Many men in those places are uncivilized
2. American culture portrays their own women as easy and liking sex.  Combine that with a mob of uncivilized men, bad things will happen.

Well, this was not a comfortable post to write but thought I should tell you how the world works so you can take proper precaution before figuring it out for yourself and getting in a bad situation.  Let’s make a checklist and if you have too many checks, think twice about going there if you are a woman and not a native to the region

1. Male dominated society
2. “Conservative” society – Bans sexual media etc
3. May have a reason to hate you (US people in the Middle East) 
4. Machismo – Like male dominated society but not as severe.  Men believe they have to be a chest pumping Neanderthal to seem attractive.  
5. Mobs – Especially with a lot of young men.  They can be savage and extremely stupid.

Well, that is all I have for tonight.

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/


  1. *Updated 5.2.2011*

    Well, I wanted to take a peak at the Pundits and if they agree with any of my predictions.
    Looks like I'm correct on two points so far.

    1. Osama wasn't that important

    Foreign Affairs – http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/67467/leah

    Al Qaeda is stronger today than when it carried out the 9/11 attacks. Accounts that contend that it is on the decline treat the central al Qaeda organization separately from its subsidiaries and overlook its success in expanding its power and influence through them.

    2. The USA didn't consult Pakistan before the strike.

    "They didn't know whether they could get in and out before the Pakistani government — which had not been informed about the raid before it was launched"

  2. Robert Fisk, as ever, has some very interesting perspectives on American 'cheerleading' as a result of Bin Laden's assassination.

  3. Thanks for the comment Will. I tried to find the article you refer to but couldn't find the right one. Feel free to post if you have the link.

    But in any case, I think I know exactly what you are referring to. I find it a bit troubling to see a bunch of Americans celebrate an assassination. I understand their reasons but it just seems out of place.

    Further, what nobody seems to be discussing is this sets a huge precedent. Assassinations in other countries are now allowed so long as there is some large injustice to attribute it to. People now are swept up in a kind of euphoria and not thinking about longer term consequences….. by that I mean further assassinations.

    Finally, I wonder what Americans would think if another world power carried out an assassination of a "terrorist." I bet the discussion would be legalities, precedents and consequences for international law and the status quo.

    This event has changed the way the world works more than most people realize in my opinion.

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