NEVER AGAIN – Concentration Camp

It’s late and I’m back from watching the ballet version of Don Quixote.

I had read the history of the performance and learned that it was first performed for the royalty of Russia.  So, taking this information I imagined myself a European royal attending the ballet.

What went through my mind?

Well, being a business person I understand that the ballet must sell tickets to keep their doors open.  They are a business.   In this same vain I realized that the CEO’s watching the ballet also must sell their goods so they can make enough to attend the ballet!

Asian college strategy: Don’t check Asian

Woke up to this article today in USA 

Some Asians’ college strategy: Don’t check ‘Asian’ 

Sounded like a good topic for this blog and is a choice my own boy will have to make someday so thought I’d do a post.  

My personal opinion, being a completely white, blond/brownish, blue eyed, half Asian on the inside type of guy is this!  Check whichever box gives you the best advantage!  

Culture Shock

As I have mentioned before, once you return to your home country the culture shock abates but never seems to disappear completely.  I’m not sure if it is more-so because I have changed or the culture that I remember has changed.  Perhaps it is both.

As many of you know, I spent a lot of time in Europe and Asia and whenever you spend a lot of time in a foreign country your mindset will definitely change.  What is not discussed as much is that your home culture changes as well.  You come back expecting to find it as you left it but if you’ve been gone for quite a few years then what you return to will not be the same.

Too many hungry people in the world

For the past decade, most talks on Asia Pacific focused on its dramatic economic rise, on China and India’s new status as global super powers, on Vietnam and Cambodia’s staggering growth, and on how the region is fast becoming a magnet for serious foreign investment.

Pictures and articles of the region focuses on Shanghai’s skyscrapers, Vietnam’s sea of traffic and India’s billionaires.

Yet few talk about the equally dramatic rise in inequality between the rich and the poor which has led to some of the worst child mortality rates and poverty levels in the world’s most populous region.

From Study to Work for Study Abroad Students

I just got the idea for this post after exchanging messages with a good friend of mine who is currently studying in France at the prestigious Sciences Po in Paris.  He is about to graduate and is looking into the job market.

It occurred to me that this is something all study abroad students face and can be a challenging time.  Actually, most students return to their home countries but a few have had so much fun and so many incredible experiences that they do not want to leave.  (I don’t blame them)