Playboy in Vietnam!

Today I was invited to the official opening of Playboy in Vietnam!

Ok, it isn’t that special because I’d still have to pay.  But this still makes me wonder how I got on the mailing list!  The e-mail they used isn’t one that is really ‘out there’ so I’m thinking they paid for a database of the e-mails of foreigners who live (or have lived) in Vietnam.  I haven’t lived there in over ten years so I’m not sure their money was well spent!

Playboy in Vietnam


Playboy in Vietnam:

Human Evolution – A Long Way to Go

I have to say, I really love Netflix.  Every night we watch part of a movie from a seemingly infinite array of titles.  The great thing about Netflix is I often choose movies I would otherwise never have watched simply because I watch so many of them, I can just stream it and choose something else if the movie turns out to be bad.  

From these films, I’m exposed to many ideas that would not have popped into my head before.  Tonight was no different.  

Vietnamese Women Are Beautiful!

Quick post here.  Being a Global Citizen, I find that Vietnamese women are very feminine, gentle and wonderful.  But just be careful not to make them upset or else you will be in trouble!

Quick story, Global Citizen style.  I once attended an event in Saigon where there were many beautiful ladies wearing the Ao Dai.  I was sitting at a table with a wealthy American financial CEO and one of the local leaders of the Communist party.

The American businessman got drunk and said “I don’t care about the dresses!”

Asian Prostitute and Being Human

Just read a great piece from the San Francisco Chronicle called “Diary of a Sex Slave” .  It details how the young woman got in trouble financially in Korea, thought she was going to the USA to work in a hostess bar and found herself in the sex trade.  Just wanted to write down my personal thoughts on this.

Let me start by saying that even writing on the subject seems quite taboo in the USA.  There is this nagging voice in my head asking me, “Are you sure you want to write about this?”  I mean we have quite a lot of viewers and people may want to know just what I know, and how I know about all this!

Things I Do Not Understand


In this post I would like to explore more than a few current issues which I simply cannot understand.  To me, it seems the more I travel, read and learn the less I am able to make sense of what goes on in the world.

If find that those who are extremely confident in their opinions, ideologies and beliefs are the ones who know the least.  More often than not, they simply have not been exposed to anything else and should a glimmer of a different thought or idea be presented they already have a plethora of arguments against the differing idea ready at hand.  A simple metaphor would be one who has only sampled chocolate ice cream and insist that it is the best possible ice cream and therefore there is no need to try any other flavors.