Random Thoughts

Well, I’ve gotten that urge to write again.  As is often the case the thoughts just appear serendipitously.  I didn’t ask for them, hell, I think I would like a break and just be able to enjoy the news!  But no, the thoughts come quickly and furiously and when this happens I have to post.  

1. PBS

I’ve written about the Public Broadcasting System before.  Why is it that America as a whole do not make this their sole source of news?  Ok, I need to back up and tell you a story.


It has been quite a long while since a post.

Hate to disappoint but this will not be much of a post either.  I simply want to write down a few thoughts going through my head at the moment.  I’m disoriented, out of balance and instead of retreat to my online computer game (Wow) thought it would be more productive to share these thoughts.

1. I’m alone

I’m currently in a large house, by myself, with nobody but myself, my fish and the lure of the internet.  You see, I’ve just come back from Japan.  While there I had to make a decision.  We were visiting my parents-in-law with my young son.  The great grandmother lives in Tochigi Prefecture which is just below Fukushima.

Japanese Protectionism, Latinos in the USA and The Age of Reason

I have to say, I love my Ipad.  Everyday I pick it up about 15 times and flick through the various news apps to take a quick pulse of what is happening in the world.  When I tire of the news I can quickly switch to my books or watch a documentary on Netflix.

I wonder, am I getting too much stimulation?  Am I learning too many things?  When I created this blog I desired to share all the wonderful things I learned while living and traveling overseas.  Now that I’m grounded here in California I’ve found I can escape to new worlds simply through my Ipad!

The Economy: San Francisco, Japan, Ho Chi Minh City

I wanted to write a brief blurb on the state of the economy, the job situations specifically in the three cities I know best about.  

If you read the news you know that things are not going very well for people in their prime earning years (my age).  We all read the news and the continuous bad reports that come out.  I wanted to share with you what is going on out there in this terrible environment.  

1. San Francisco

The Rape of Nanking – Thoughts

This is perhaps the most depressing book I have ever read in my life.

A quick background.  The Japanese invade the city and do the worst possible things one human being could do to another.  In short,

– Babies torn out of their mothers and killed
– Daily rape and thrusting of bamboo poles into them
– Killing games – Line up the Chinese and bayonet them as fast as possible to see who can kill more in a limited amount of time
– And so on and so on.  Just think of the absolute worst and that is what happened.