Gay Marriage, Israel and Gaza and Christmas Movies

1. Proposition 8 – Gay Marriage There was an article in the Wall Street journal about a “black list” of businesses that gay people were protesting due to their support of Proposition 8. It seems like these are extremists and such extremism isn’t really supported by the community. The article told the story of a…… Continue reading Gay Marriage, Israel and Gaza and Christmas Movies


Last week while searching the many many pirated DVD’s around our house for something interesting, I came across Michael Moore’s movie where he sticks it to the man yet again. While I generally like his movies and agree with him that many corporations are greedy, evil institutions, there is one point that I would like…… Continue reading Poverty

Star Wars

I just saw the new Star Wars move “Revenge of the Sith” last night. As it plays in the theaters in the USA it’s already out on DVD in Vietnam.The movie was excellent and some of the lines really stuck in my mind. It appears George Lucas is paralleling the political environment of our times,…… Continue reading Star Wars