My Blog

I’ve kept a blog this blog for quite some time. However, I really haven’t been very active in terms of approving comments, learning new things or writing new entries. Just now I looked at the comments and found a lot! I also checked out the visitor statistics which are pretty good for a blog that…… Continue reading My Blog

Saturday Night Stroll in San Francisco

Around 4:00pm on Saturday I got the urge that often whispers to me but is mostly repressed by planned functions on the weekends. It seems that all too often these determined activities eat up Friday and Saturday night and before one realizes what has happened we are back at work on Monday. It is not…… Continue reading Saturday Night Stroll in San Francisco

Adieu to 2009

As the year comes to a close I find myself reflecting on 2009 and considering what the beginning of 2010 means. I’ve been reading my friends updates on FB and most seem to be very glad to have this year come to an end and are looking forward to what the new year will being.…… Continue reading Adieu to 2009

Healthcare Debate and a small rant on selfishness (nonpartisan)

Healthcare. For me, just saying that word conjures up feelings of boredom, something that only old people with white/gray hair and wrinkles talk about and large confusing plans that make me feel dumb when I try to understand them. Now, when I read my news in the morning it is a word tied to something…… Continue reading Healthcare Debate and a small rant on selfishness (nonpartisan)