News of the Week – Middle East, Tea Party, Wisconsin, Pig Pen, Goths, Marketing and Relationships

Just a few news items that caught my attention this past week.

1.  Uprisings in Middle East – Palin, Beck and Limbaugh

I must say I was not surprised that this awful trio support the dictators in the Middle East.  Just when you think they couldn’t be more absurd, well, they are.

I cannot understand how they can even justify their position.  From what I read in the media, they would rather see the oppression of millions of people rather than have a dictator fall who is friendly to the USA.

What is all this talk about freedom one minute, then when people in other countries actually push for it, they are for the opposite?  It is hard to find any reason with these morons.

Well, perhaps I can at least take a guess.  As I wrote before, America is an empire.  Many in the empire believe they should tell the rest of the world how to do things.  Any leader will do so long as he/she listens to the USA and when that doesn’t happen they get angry.

What business is it of Rush, Beck or Palin to decide how other countries run themselves?  They speak as though they should be the decision makers and the millions out in the street demanding change should just go home.

Guess this is what you get when the village idiot gets a forum on the empire’s national stage.

2. Wisconsin

There has been enough dissection about this on both sides of the isle.  Here is what I do not understand.

I want to know who makes up the Tea Partiers that elected Scott Walker.  If I just read the news, it looks to me like they are a bunch of old, angry white folks.

So instead of making this a Democrat vs. Republican vs. Tea Party issue let’s take a different view and call it……..

“The old angry people who are close to retirement and had stable jobs/benefits for most of their lives and are just now concerned about the budget VS. people who still have a ways to go towards retirement.”

Sure, this may be very simplistic but I would not say entirely off the mark.  I did a simple Google Search for an image of a Tea Party rally and this is what I got.

Now, I’m all for balanced budgets but how many of these folks are living off of their social security checks, medicare and pensions?

So, I would like to propose a solution that would benefit everyone.  No more collective bargaining and everyone in this audience to pay back 25% of their lifetime earnings.

Perhaps we wouldn’t be in this situation if the state had decided to save instead of paying the old farts such handsome salaries for so long?

We young people who are fiscally conservative should start a break-off faction of the Tea Party.  Since Tea Party happened eons ago perhaps we could be called “The Raver party” or “Clubbers United?”  After all, we have real cause to be upset unlike these old poops.

Here is why:

1.  Housing – Fat chance of getting a loan for an overpriced house.  The old people have had their housing for a while now, seen the price go up but now feel cause to be unhappy!   Hell, if we young folks buy a house now, we have a pricing DECLINE to look forward to.

2. Jobs – Many of those brainless stable jobs went bye bye to China so the old people could buy cheaper products from Wallmart.  They got their paychecks and now enjoy cheaper prices!!!  Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

3. Medicare – Who are the ones eating up all the Medicare finances?  Well, it sure ain’t young people.  Perhaps it is those hard drinking, pack a day smoking older people at the rallies?

My favorite rallying cry at those old people,,, er Tea Party rallies is “No More Handouts!”  Yes, yes,,,, no more handouts startingggggg   NOW!  All the ones that were given prior to 2005 seem to be just fine.   >:(

We should put the Tea Party on notice that us young people agree and will promptly stop paying into the Social Security system as well as Medicare AND anything else we wouldn’t have used anyway for the next 30-40 years.  Like they say, NO MORE HANDOUTS.   >:)

3. Pig Pen Theory!

I always like it when science confirms a belief I have long held.

The story is that “good germs” are needed to help your immune system and could help prevent asthma

Farm living could arm kids against asthma

So, sticking with my theme against old angry white people, not only did they and are currently trying to screw us financially, they also succeeded in making us sick!  LOL

In this culture we are trained to sanitize and disinfect everything.  “Germs are EVIL” was the rallying call and many of the young were kept away from any and all things dirty.  We were constantly frightened into buying sanitary wipes, hand disinfectant and everyday reminded that a super flu was on the way.

As I have said previously, I subscribe to the Pig Pen Theory.  The dirtier the better as it will help develop your natural immune system.  But no, in this culture after you have bought all the sanitizing products and then years later subsequently get sick due to a lack of “good germs” there are plenty of drugs they now want to sell you.

It feels like an evil twisted plan to continually make money through their 401k holdings (nicely invested in the pharmas) while the young not only have no job, but no house and less health as well.  >:(

4.  A Goth Forecloses on Wells Fargo

In a bit of positive news a member of the young fights back.  Younger folks are having a terrible time holding on to their housing but this genius bites back!

Goth Home Owner Forecloses on Wells Fargo

I have to say I laughed out loud at this:  “A local Sheriff went into the Wells Fargo branch office and took an inventory and posted notice that nothing could be removed.”


5.  Marketing and Business

In my post “MBA Students – A Scourge” I tell you about my frustrations when trying to make a simple purchase.  Here in the USA they always want you to sign up for a credit card, buy the extra insurance and take a friggin’ survey.

Well, it looks like California (Always ahead of the rest of the nation) has imposed a law that says a cashier is no longer allowed to ask for your zip code.

When the Cashier Asks for Your Zip Code

That is a good first step now can we please impose a law that bans them from congratulating me as I’m “eligible for a credit card” and to PLEASE STOP ASKING ME TO TAKE A “SHORT SURVEY!!!!!!”

6.  Relationships

There was a BIG spat between two females regarding relationships and why a woman may or may not be married.

1.  Why You’re Not Married – Basically a post that says the woman is all kinds of evil and that is why she is not married

2. Why I’m not married (and it’s not because I’m an angry slut) – A lady that has watched entirely too much Oprah.

Hard to pin down just one cause about why so many relationships fail so I guess I’ll just blame it on our culture.

Ladies – Too much Desperate Housewives, Oprah and Grey’s Anatomy

Men – Too much Southpark, Maxim and Play Station.  Oh yea, there was also an article about men’s problems as well from the WSJ.

“Where Have the Good Men Gone? – WSJ

Have a nice day!  🙂

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