Strikes, Jury Duty, Whiskey and an Obama Protest

Everyday, I’m out and about in San Francisco going to visit my customers.  As I have just updated my blog and am very enthusiastic about sharing my experiences with all of you I have started to keep my eyes open for blog-worthy material.

Well, today did not disappoint and I wonder if I could turn this into a full time profession.

1.  Strike – Causing me personal problems.

Strike at a hotel

This sight of a strike is not all the uncommon here in San Francisco.  In fact, the hotels in the area are getting hit pretty hard this tourist season.

What makes this strike special is that it is also in the hotel where I pay a monthly service to park my car.  Further, I have a business relationship with this customer and may know some of these people on strike.

So, I’m in a bit of a quandary here as I shouldn’t cross the picket line but I do need access to my car.  What to do?

The last time I crossed a picket line the lady with the bullhorn shouted “Shame on you!” I really don’t have any experience with strikes but apparently the people get upset if you cross the line.

Whiskey Live Promotion

I then proceeded to Union Square after my first customer visit and found these strongmen with the barrels on their shoulder.  A big fan of spirits myself I asked what was going on and it was a promotion for Whiskey Live.  This reminded me of the St. Andrews Ball in Saigon which was the premier event of the city and taught me so much about Scottish culture and the superior buzz that a nice glass of whiskey provides.  The tickets always sold out quickly even though they were very pricey.

I asked if there would be a tasting (not that I was intending to drink during a workday) but unfortunately it was just a photo-shoot.

The Census?

Continuing on there was this display in Union Square which I believe has something to do with the 2010 Census but I really didn’t have time to sit and figure it out.  Must have taken a lot of time to set up all these cardboard people.

The caption “My casa is always there for me” I found a bit confusing.  In Spanish, that would be “My house” but in Japanese it would be “My umbrella.”  I wonder if the cardboard little girl is making a statement about her house or umbrella?  If it is a house then I believe a recent Fox opinion piece was making the argument that everyone shouldn’t be entitled to a house.

Sorry cardboard little girl, it seems that you’ve got some enemies on the Fox network.  I wonder if they think everyone should or could be entitled to an umbrella?

An Obama protest with a twist!

As I was exiting the square I came upon this protest which I have seen before.  I thought I would check in with these people to see if they were sane putting on an Obama protest in the middle of San Francisco.

Being SF however there was a big TWIST and my assumptions turned out to be completely wrong.  These people were Democrats who were mad at Obama for not withdrawing from Afghanistan.  This really threw me for a loop because I had questions all lined up such as:

1. Isn’t the Hitler mustache a bit much?

2.  If you’re Conservatives do you really think you’ll have much of an impact here since S.F. is solidly democratic?  Wouldn’t the East Bay be better?  What is the deal???

I’m confused

As you can see from the picture they are supporting a Democrat for Congress.  Their beef is not just with the war but rather with the Opium trade and the real target is the British Empire and the financial system that is supposedly supported by the Opium Trade!  The links to their arguments are found at / and  I swear, you just never know what you’re gonna get in this city.

To add to this weird week I also received a summons for Jury Duty.  It would almost seem that the Universe is playing tricks on me not letting me get my car, confusing me about Obama and now Jury Duty.  The reason that I believe it is the Universe doing this to me is they scheduled my service for the same time I am going to be attending my SISTERS WEDDING in OHIO!

When I first saw the notice and that failure to show would result in jail and a fine I had visions of skipping the service, fleeing the country and taking up a new nationality because I can’t skip the wedding and if the Feds are going to be after me then so be it.  Luckily, we are allowed to postpone the service one time and the nice automated auto-answer allowed me to reschedule.  The Universe was just poking me for fun it seems.

Pug Sentry

Finally, on my way back home for lunch I saw this Pug standing sentry to a store.  I don’t think he was protesting anything, nor on strike, nor did he have a sign saying his house or umbrella would always be there.  I also do not think he drinks whiskey or tried to ask me to fulfill any of my civic duties.  Nope, he just sat and didn’t even look at me when I snapped this picture.

All this in one Friday morning in San Francisco.  I wonder if I’ll have any more adventures visiting my afternoon customers?

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/

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  1. I love this! It totally sums up a day in SF: you never know what the heck you’re gonna see, but if you stop to ask questions, or just look a little closer, you’re sure to find a noteworthy story!

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