NEVER AGAIN – Concentration Camp

It’s late and I’m back from watching the ballet version of Don Quixote.

I had read the history of the performance and learned that it was first performed for the royalty of Russia.  So, taking this information I imagined myself a European royal attending the ballet.

What went through my mind?

Well, being a business person I understand that the ballet must sell tickets to keep their doors open.  They are a business.   In this same vain I realized that the CEO’s watching the ballet also must sell their goods so they can make enough to attend the ballet!

Finally I realized that the Royalty also must keep the CEO’s (Dukes, Lords whatever) happy or else they could also lose their positions (and heads!)

In short I realized everyone is accountable to someone no matter how powerful you are.  There is no top station where the stress stops and nobody needs to worry.

(Unless you are God, but even God needs believers otherwise he might just disappear into the history of human consciousness.)

So yea, that is what I thought about at the theater.

I come home and read a post on our FB page about concentration camps.  I’ve had some wine and the truth of the statement hit me smack in the forehead.

Recently in the media they made a big hubbaloo about Concentration Camps and “Never Again.”  Well, this “never again” continues in North Korea.

“Never Again” only applies to a certain group of people.  “Never Again” is currently happening in North Korea but everyone is putting their heads in the sand.  After all, the Asians never really mattered to the Europeans.

Did I really say that?

I think I did.  Asians are a different group of people as far as Europeans are concerned so when “never again” is mentioned it is only meant for “Europeans.”

That is my theory anyway.

And what does my great country of the USA do?

**Patriotic Moment****  – We can’t friggin do everything to keep the world from screwing up now can we?  Europe or ,,,, even Asia taking some responsibility would be nice!!! ******

But no, the patriotic moment only lasts just that, a moment.  We still trade with North Korea’s much bigger older brother China.  This older brother protects their little evil, sadistic sibling and has great business relations with him to boot!

So yea, “Never Again,” is just another slogan that only pertains to a certain group of people.

Asians are not as human as Europeans as far as this whole “Never Again” phrase is concerned.

Oh, by the way, I did pay a visit to Dachau

So yea,  Never Again……………

Work won’t even set you free in North Korea!!!!

Update 5.30.21 – “Never Again” is happening in China with the Xinjiang internment camps.

The reality is there isn’t much the world can do that doesn’t involve major economic disruption, war or no. In the past thirty years I’ve learned nations usually do not engage in wars unless two basic reasons are satisfied:

1. There is a LOT of money to be made.
2. The enemy is relatively easily beaten.

*Afganistan and Iraq were supposed to be quick and easy wars to secure oil supplies and thus enrich various American companies. The war to topple the dictators at the time was easy yes, but as it turned out, stabilizing the country to American will was impossible.

So realistically, what can “the West” do about the situation in Xinjiang? The answer is nothing. And that is being proven year over year.

But to get to the heart of it and as I mentioned in the original post, “the West” usually doesn’t care about what happens in Asia or Africa as their populations have a hard time even pointing out countries of those two continents on a map. It is a different story when atrocities happen in other Western countries. Those make the news and there is outrage and action all over the place. However, a genocide in Africa? A concentration camp in Asia? Meh, let’s see what sports are on. Politicians, especially Republicans, are a mirror of their electorate.

“Never again” just doesn’t hold any weight.

And speaking of “Never again,” isn’t Gaza just a huge concentration camp in itself?

By Mateo de Colón

Global Citizen! こんにちは!僕の名前はマットです. Es decir soy Mateo. Aussi, je m'appelle Mathieu. Likes: Languages, Cultures, Computers, History, being Alive! (^.^)/

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