Japanese TSA Airport Security

I have never posted just a video but thought this one is worth it.

Please post your thoughts in the comments because depending on your international experiences and culture there will be a wide range of reactions.


Here is my guess about the various reactions.

1. Japan – Funny

2. America – Some find it funny, others will be aghast and think of it as a degradation of women.

My thoughts:

I think you have to understand Japanese society and that it is still very male dominated.  I think they respect women much better than most societies but there is still a very strong element to see them as sex symbols.  Yet, when making decisions it might be surprising to know that it is the wives who usually control the finances in the household.  They have more power in some ways such as in the household but much less in terms of a career and in popular culture.

Youth and being “cute” are highly prized in Japan.  The TSA guy would also be a typical “Oyaji” (親父)

Oyaji = “In the Japanese language, is an informal word meaning “dad”. It is a juvenile linguistic corruption of , which means “father”. The word, used to describe one’s father, is very rough and not polite, and its use is usually confined to men.”

Other words that could describe this are:

1. Hentai ( 変態) – “A Japanese slang word meaning perverted or perversion. In the world of manga and anime, hentai refers to the adult oriented titles that present extreme, graphic sexual imagery. A common Western stereotype concerning manga and anime is that these artforms are filled with graphic sex. …”

2. Chikan (痴漢) – A person, usually a man, that rubs against or gropes others, usually women, in crowds, often in trains, to attain sexual pleasure.

– Chikans are the reason that there are women only trains in Japan.  Unfortunately they are quite common as the trains are very crowded and it seems many Oyajis cannot keep their hands to themselves.

3. Shitagi fechi – (下着フェチ)

– Notice the guy puts the blouse on his head toward the end.  The blouse isn’t exactly an undergarment but in Japan there is something called a “Shitagi Fechi” which means “Underwear Fetish.”  This is someone how has a fetish about underwear and may even steal underwear off the clothesline.  Since he puts it on his head I have a feeling that this is a reference to the Shitagi Fechis.

Understanding the meaning of the word….

Shitagi means underwear.

下着 –  Underwear
(下) = Shita… There is a line at the top which is your base, and the line points downward with a little mark off to the side.  This always means “underneath.”

(着 )  = To Wear –  The parts that make up this Kanji are Sheep (羊) and (目) which equals “eye.”  The sheep has wool covering him and humans wear coverings as well which others perceive with their eyes and it came to mean clothing.

To demonstrate we all know what a “Kimono” is in Japanese.  In Kanji this is (着物).  The first kanji we see is “to wear” and the second is “thing.”  Therefore, in English we would translate it literally as “wear thing,” or “the thing that you wear.”

But anyway, this was on a very popular Japanese variety show and reminds us that we in the West have been trained a little better over previous decades.

So, did you find it funny or are you offended?

I personally found it funny in that this is exactly how Oyajis are but my American side is telling me to be offended.

Really would like to hear your opinions on this.  I showed it to my Japanese friends and they all laughed.  Yet, I know this will not be the case for many of you.  Please leave a comment with your thoughts!!

By Mateo de Colón

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