Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking

Recent comments by Chinese premier and media darling Wen Jiabao have made waves in the China observing community. On a recent trip to Shenzhen, the city where Deng Xiaoping announced his great economic reforms, Wen said: “We need not only to promote economic reform, but must also promote political system reforms. Without the guarantee provided…… Continue reading Chinese Politics and Wishful Thinking

Does the internet make us smart, stupid or just more informed?

There has been an ongoing debate in the past few years about what the internet does to our brains. Some would argue that due to the sheer volume of information we consume on a daily basis we are actually becoming smarter. While the other opinion is that we have lost the ability to concentrate due to the constant e-mails, messages and scrolling sidebars which distract us.

Letter to American Language Learners

This post is for students in the USA who have ventured to learn a foreign language. This is something I know quite a bit about and felt an honest post from someone who has shared the same experience might be valuable for current students.