10 More Observations From Big Mike

1. The anti-communist movement was just really an anti-populist movement. The well off, not wanting to share the world with the general population. Keep them suppressed. After defeating the communist, break the labor unions. They, the oligarchs, didn’t want organized labor. Keep the population as poor and dumb as possible, so they will fight each other for the crumbs we give them.

2. The Indo-China war, called the Vietnam war was about many things:

a) Enrich the weapons companies who are your buddies. They are euphemistically called defense companies.

b) Perfect Guerrilla Warfare techniques, also observing the psychological effects of a long term campaign.

c) Run heroin out of the Golden Triangle, to fund global covert operations, and also to pocket profits.

d) And of course, run an anti-populist movement, called an anti-communist movement, in an area that just wanted to be free of imperialists.

3. A good amount of the population in the United States, are some of the most over educated dummies in the world. They over specialize in a field, but don’t have a clue of how the system they vote for and support, really rapes their fellow citizens within the country, and around the world.

4. The Presidents, that the population so proudly elects in the United States to represent them, are puppets. Even Bush #2 was, believe or not.

5. Every time the general population starts to get any type of footing, the oligarchs in charge change the rules, to throw them off balance.

6. Public schools in the United States are outlets for teaching propaganda to kids.

7. Investigative commissions such as the 9/11 commission, Watergate commission and the Warren commission are a bunch of crooks, covering up for crooks. These should really be trials in the criminal courts.

8. Globalization means that the oligarchs are going to make as much money as possible, standing on the back of people across the world, including at home.

9. The CIA is an arm of the United States military industrial complex, that furthers the economic interest of the elite technocrats.

10. In 2005, the United States balked about the sale of Unocal to CNOOC, a Chinese oil company. Unocal was later bought by Chevron. On hindsight, in 1995 Unocal owned the mineral rights to hydrocarbons in western Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan has the 3rd largest natural gas reserves in the world, but is land locked. Unocal proposed the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. This pipeline was to run through Afghanistan, protected by the Taliban, through Pakistan, into a power plant located in Western India. The plant needed a cheap source of natural gas, in order to be affordable for public consumption, so that the operators of the plant could turn a profit. This power plant was built by Bechtel, generators supplied by General Electric, and was to be operated by Enron.

In 1997 an expanding China proposed its own pipeline, from eastern Turkmenistan, through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, to western China. That pipeline is done and operating ( no war needed ). Logic would say that energy hungry China wanted more access to hydrocarbons, and it wanted to extend its current pipeline from eastern Turkmenistan to western Turkmenistan, to tap the reserves that Unocal owned, hence the purchase attempt by CNOOC.

–Big Mike