Japanese TSA Airport Security

I think you have to understand Japanese society and that it is still very male dominated. I think they respect women much better than most societies but there is still a very strong element to see them as sex symbols. Yet, when making decisions it might be surprising to know that it is the wives who usually control the finances in the household.

Tokyo – An experience

It is full of millions (around 20 mil) and viewing it from above extends beyond the horizon. It never ceases to evoke a deep sense of wonder. Each person having their own unique experience in this seemingly infinite city all interacting with each other to form a collective “normality” contributing to the character of Tokyo.

Why I am not a Multiculturalist

Multiculturalism is a logically incoherent and self-destructive ideology that resembles colonialism and is equally morally wrong. In this post I am going to examine the origins and current status of the multiculturalist discourse in Europe. During the 18th century Western powers went to the four corners of the world and colonized poor countries. Western values,…… Continue reading Why I am not a Multiculturalist