What’s in a Headline? – Obama, Libya and Pundits

Every morning right after I open my eyes and before I get out of bed I grab my Iphone.  I check my work mail, then go straight to the news. For the news, I go to Facebook which being so much more than just the social network of a few years ago is now my…… Continue reading What’s in a Headline? – Obama, Libya and Pundits

Right vs. Left – Being Civil

I thought about not writing on this as there is enough news but seeing as we are trapped in the continual Left vs. Right vortex and that neither side is absolutely right I thought it might be good to weigh in on this from a “Global Citizen” perspective. We always see things differently from most, like an outsider looking in and have no problems with pointing out the faults of both sides which is enlightened at best, bipolar at worst. 🙂

America and Religion

With the lessons above about the origins above, the fact is, they really do not matter. Sure they are good things to know, but they have absolutely no influence on the core teaching which is simply to love. I used the examples above to prove to people how little they know about religion and to provoke a bit of shame. How dare they use religion, which they know very little about, to provoke hate, which is the exact opposite of the main point religion is trying to convey!!!! How stupid, how silly and how shameful!