Heathcare – A Global Citizen Perspective

In honor of the Supreme Court decision today I thought a quick post was necessary. As you readers know I rarely fall into the same old boring talking points of the right or the left but try my best to give you something unique, something from a global traveler perspective.  Well, I’m pleased to let…… Continue reading Heathcare – A Global Citizen Perspective

Catholic Contraception Debate

It is interesting how quickly the topics shift in national politics.  One day we are talking about war and the next we are talking about sex.  You’ve got to admit, at least American politics isn’t boring!   I felt I should chime in on this Catholic contraception debate because as usual, the media portrays the…… Continue reading Catholic Contraception Debate

USA Credit Rating Downgrade

Well, by now you’ve heard that the USA had their credit rating downgraded by Standard and Poors.   A quick check of the responses by the GOP all blamed Obama except for one.  That person was Ron Paul.  He said the following. “Unfortunately, the game in Washington has been one of partisan blaming and bipartisan…… Continue reading USA Credit Rating Downgrade