Old man falls down. Who can you trust?

In China decades of concerted efforts to destroy social morals and interpersonal trust have left a country where paranoia runs rampant. With justice being a question of who can wield more power, the first thought running through the head of someone helping another person on the street is: “I hope I don’t get framed for this”.

My View – Guest-Teaching Chinese, and Learning America

Just read an article in the New York times entitled “Guest-Teaching Chinese, and Learning America.”

The article piqued my interest in that I’m all for building bridges between cultures and this program is a wonderful way to help American students learn the language of a country that will be (and is already) very important on the world stage. The article on the overall was very good but there was one statement that I take great issue with.

Olympic Torch – San Francisco

It seems not a day goes by without some mention of protests and the Olympic torch. I for one didn’t pay much attention until today when I read the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle 4-6-2008. The articles “2 views of Beijing as Olympics approach,” contained “Tibetan Americans: Bay Area exiles fight to keep…… Continue reading Olympic Torch – San Francisco